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1978 mitsubishi lancer coupe turbo project

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So I may have posted the car a long tiem ago, but eh whatever.


This is one of my cars that I just can never sell, I absolutely love it.


It's a 1978 dodge colt, in the Mitsubishi lancer coupe form. A second gen lancer basically,


The car weighs in at a whopping 1874lbs or so stock. I have a 4 on the floor, and some leaf springs to boot. Solid disc front and drum rear. Manual box steering, nothing special, except for a pedigree in ass kicking on rally :).


Anyhow, the stock 4g32 satur 1.6l belt driven engine is a bit lacking in power, and I figure the cheapest way for me to go fast, maybe way too fast is a starion engine transplant. So me, a starion jackass, I found a cherry shortblock from the autowreck at half off day for 109 with starter and alt, picked up a good head, snagged a spare harness, and with my mad starion parts I already have turbo manifolds intakes injectors etc...


The engine itself will bolt right in, but the transmission is a bit larger and might possibly require some banging, and a custom engine mount, then of course a custopm driveshaft. The rearend can handle a bit, but the 2.6 turbog 54b is a torque monster. They make 234ftlbs of torque at 10lbs of boost on a horrible tiny hair dryer of a turbo. I plan on running 15 and that should put about 250ish rwtq to the wheels at oohh 2300rpm.


BUT, I think I will be using my td05h 19c turbo. mitsubishi was putting down 330hp easily on it with their race car so I figure that and then another 50ftlbs of torque.. Might be way too much for the car lol.


Anyhow, i grabbed a sapporo axle, and am tracking down a lsd from aus for it. Should handle the power no problem I decided I will just stick with the leaf springs instead of converting to a link suspension like the sapporo axle has. Afterall, this thing is a budget build. I'm quite happy with the slow 1.6 4 speed sohc engine. I average around 23-26mpg with this crap 10% ethonal crap and about 31 with regular straight gasoline.


Anyhow, so far, no real mods done tot ehc ar. it has O.S.C.A.M. racing wheels on it, and my junkyard home brew rally lights which work f'n amazing. ask anyone who has driven with me, or in front of me :fu: Basically, they are headlighs off a 7 series bmw and sopme aluminum brackets with some toyota headlight relays, and a led switch inside. I have brights and regular lamps wired up so it turs both on when you fire em up. They are even adjustable :)


Eventually I will buy hella's, but for right now I'm veryhappy. I think I spent about 25 bucks making the setup.


So heres it's evolutions

Right when I brought her home. Bone freaken stock.




First wheels and lights. Also painted the grill black, but you cant see.




After 3m rubbing compound and megquires swil remover using a terry cloth, and a half assed job at that.




With the oscam wheels in the0 front and me rocking the hat.



Last but not least, the night shot in current mode.


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:Dyou cant see my hot duct tape blacks eats, that have no worn the duct tape back fof and leave blackish sticky crap on my clothes


When i first boughtt hec ar. Notice the hot palm tree and the legnedary lancer exploder dash foam? You know for having like 20 air resheners in that thing the car never really smelled to begin with. It's like the previously registered owner, who is dead was collecting them.


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Made some good progress today. The engine is bolted in, the trans should be bolted in tomorrow.



Engine bolted in with the g54b mounts, the trans mount looks like it will be pretty simple. I flipped the crossmember off the lancer and used the stock starion mount. it seems to sit perfect, well other than I need to cut out about 2 1/2 inches out of the shifter area to get the trans up. I should be able to just make a small plate for the bottom of the slit and bolt it in I'm almost willing to bet they make a 5 speed mount for the lancer that would be a direct bolt on for the km132 starion trans, but eh, I'll do it this way for now.


The drive shaft should work once I go get a g63b mighty max slide yoke to swap onto the lancer driveshaft.




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Made some more progress today. Got the starion clutch pedal assembly fitted up. That was the only real big issue I had with the swap, and now it's done. I wouldnt say it was hard, but it was a real pain in the butt. I elongated most of the holes a little to make fitting it easier. I still have to cut off the old cluth pedal as it is one piece with the brake pedal. I'll cut it so if for some reason I go back to cable in the future I can revert by welding it back up.


So now that the hard stuff is done, I have a few simple things left to do. Mount ic pipes, oil cooler, run my wiring harness, install the fuel pump, and wire up the alternator. Should be running in a couple of days.


Some pics of the starion trans bolted to a lancer crossmember. No mods needed.


The clutch pedal mounting as it progressed




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Made some more progress today after taking a few days off.


I started out by mocking up the intercooler. This car fits a 31x12x3 ic very nicely inbetween the bumper and the frame.


I finished the oil cooler positioning and mounted it. Grill clears n all :)


Clutch line was installed


I also drilled out the hole for the wiring harness.



It's going to be real fun running intercooler pipes and also running the mas air sensor. I'm not looking forward to it. The plan was to non intercool it, but apparently I misplaced my non intercooled ovcp, so fuck it, I'm intercooling it with my big ass ebay intercooler I have had laying around.


My to do list is getting pretty slim


Run wiring harness

remove old alternator harness

mount ecu

mount fuel pump

install fuel filter and return lines.

mount the ignitor

fll trans and install shifter boot

install slave cylinder

get a new oil feed line made for the turbo

reinstall turbo after wiring is complete along with heat shields.

Install the 3inch exhaust off the challenger

Make hard pipes and mount the intercooler


Not so important stuff.

Polish my mitsu logo valve cover

paint my water pump pulley some f'n gold

install wats

install rally lights

install Marshal optilux with h1 and h3 hid

Find a fire arrow rear end





harness hole


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Thanks, I like em quite a bit too, too bad they are so f'n hard to get these days.


Just a few more pics. Nothing special.


Mounted the fuel pump in the trunk as I didnt find any nice places to do it under the car. I may mount a mercury switch on the fuel pump line in case I ever roll over for a little extra safety.



harness ran in the engine bay. I used the stock starion gromet with a little pie cut out of it.



The engine bay is definately getting tighter.


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Got bored and went to mess with the other side. Unfortunately my original plan of running a 2.5inch 180 bend off the throttle body wouldnt work as it hits the hood. So right now, I am running the stock ovcp and then I grabbed one of the stock starion cloth braided soft lines and cut it down a little to fit. Now I just need a 2.5 to 2inch coupling a 90 in 2inch. I'll eventually run 2.5 back across and to the stock ovcp, then maybe I can fit the 2.5 all the way to the tb, but for now, this will have to do.






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