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1972 240z zg flare turbo buildup

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Yeah, basically a wangan buildup sorta hehe.


The car is a 1972 240z. It was converted ti a early 280z fuel injection setpu in 1982. It has a n42 l28, some nice looking 3 into 1x2 heades dumping into a divorced twin exhaust without a h pipe. 2 cherry bomb looking resonators, and thats it. The header was deburred according to the pile of receitps and notes I have. The car has steel braided lines all around, poly urethane steering shaft coupler. There is a fire extinguisher mounted behind the passenger side seat o_O autox car possibly? The car also has a allison electronic ignition, platic covers for the headlights, upgraded halogen lights of some sort from back in the day. Bilstien shocks, which probably are shot by now, Ronal super rare and light racing wheels in 14x6 with one spare and 2 wheel caps. It also came with a ton of misc spare dasun poarts, like original oem datsun radiator lines etc.. 280z seats, stock radio, ugly white interior yada yada. It's been repainted once, but the same datsun orange color, and it looks like it was taken down to bare metal for the most part. So far, rust isnt horribly bad, actrually I still think it's quite good compared to most I have looked at. Cant beat it for 500 bucks.


Goals are zg flares wats, either a oem or bre rear spoiler, and the non vented front air dam, which I already have.


So here is my progress so far.


When I got it.




Yesterdays proress.



The few hours I worked on it today. mm look at them speed holes in the passenger side floor board lol. So far im real happy with the rust though. I gotta get these god damn wheel locks off though. There is no freaken rust on my hatch at all, I just cant figure out how to get the rubber molding off. Too bad it had louvers originally so there are holes drilled in the damn hatch.




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I'll think about it, I will be running a z31 ecu, so im mainly just interested in the engine, 200k sounds like it needs a rebuild, because I dont drive cars lightly...


yea if your plans are to terrorize the engine i would say yes rebuild it, but if your going to drive it normal an play on ocasion i'd say it's fine, an goin the z31 ecu route is by far a great idea!.. im thinkin about puttin it in my truck if you dont want it.. its tempting.. but i think it maybe to big of a project for me :(

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they are twin early 44mm su's and someone before me through they could get the car running with them. They dont know much as the car was converted to a l28 fuel injection setup in 1982, and it has a fuel injected pump. They said they couldnt get it running right. Ibviously the fuel pressure is the reason, but the car is setup with 75/76 fuel injection.


If you look closely you will see the fi harness up front.

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for your wheels, if 16x8 is wide enough for you check out Rota RB-R wheels.

They look like Watanabes but are 1/3 the cost.

They come in +04 offset.


or you can go for the larger wheels for a little more. There is a group buy on Hybridz.org

17x8.5 and 17x9 with negative offset. Defenitely needs flares

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im going with some pretty negative wheels in back for the fzg flares. Probably 15x10.5 or so in the neg somewhere. I'm pretty set on the wheels I want. I saw those wheels on hybridz though, they looked damn nice. If they were 5 lug and had a bit more offset for the rears I;d toss them on a starion.


Key, hehe, yeah but I need a turbo setup to use those bad boys.

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i have been thinking about this project of yours what are your power plant plans? i was thinking it wont be an exact replica of the devil z (which would be cool but hard to tune) but it would definatly be a devil how about throwing a rb26dett in it ? it would more of a devil then the actual wangan car

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