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1978 620 2+2 Dually

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...The line forms behind Steroid, If he doesn't want it, then I will sell it to whom I think will take good care of her and not drive her into the ground. I believe that this is a legacy vehicle, and should be treated that way.


which is why I am selling her. I can't take care of her. she needs work, the engine is worn out and smokes, interior has the usual Datsun wear and tear

(dash cracks, no floor mats), and has a non-op right now. I need a Daily driver, and I already have my project truck(75 4x4). I just don't have the $$ or space to give her what she needs.


This is not a first come, first serve sale. I need to KNOW that whoever buys this truck will follow through and finish this truck well.



Mike has first refusal, then I will contact those interested.



$2500 or trade for a DD plus cash

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thanks guys, I wish I didn't need to get rid of it.:(


Steroid had to pass on it also, seems like it's bad timing to sell. I originally had plans to make this one a nice tow rig for the 4x4(a Datsun towing a Datsun, how cool would that be!).

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back up to the top:


I ended up with a 1998 chevy 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 diesel for $2800. I couldn't pass it up, and stored the Dually at my sisters' house.


BUT:my Brother In Law had a stroke, and they were already behind on their house.

So the Dually has to go.


It has no motor, I was building another one for it, but cannot finish it for awhile. I can include two L20 blocks, two 4 speed transmissions and one 5 speed napsZ transmission.



The tires have less than 10,000 miles on them from Les Schwab, and the truck has No Rust. I don't have much time to sell it,so $1000 obo. I have not put an ad anywhere else, I would rather have it stay here among friends, so I can see what happens to her.


:how come I can't edit the first post?

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i always think about how cool it would be to tow around my other datsuns in this truck. pull up to the meet in a datsun dually with 2 more datto's in tow! 2 cool. or go pick up a new one in it! i wish i could get it shipped to GA for less than the asking price.

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yup, it's about 14 miles north of sacramento right off of I-80.


and I have a trailer so delivery could be arranged.


Edit: Don't be afraid to make offers guys, I'd rather have her go to someone here than not.

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i have the time, place but no $$ to take on another project. i would though if i had it. that thing looks badass! paint it eihter metallic brown or jet black, lowered on some wide wheels. but alas i cant afford another one. :(

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Holy F^@K!!

If I wasn't knee deep in a '73 240Z restomod, I'd be ALL over this.


I love different, and THAT is it!!


MAN!! 1000 OBO?

Could I rent ANOTHER storage unit?


I pray someone gives her a great home.

I'll be following this.


Someone buy it, and sell it to me when the Z is done.

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I would take the dually, I have the space and and the money, but getting it here might be the challenge, then it ould have to sit until I got my project done but at least it would be in the family.

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