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How many 411s are still on the road?

Datsun Dude

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No way of accurately telling, and since the move of NissanUSA to Tenessee, you will get little or no support in your search. A real pity, the Torrance CA former home office was very supportive of early Datsuns.  They even had copies of all the early Datsun glove box Owner's Manuals and would let you read them. 

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i saw a 67 411 last week, so at least 1 more.

he said he was gonna check this place out but couldnt remember the name :rofl:

There was only my 411 sedan at the 2013 JCCS at the Queen Mary plus a beautifully restored WRL411 from Arizona Hit Man and a WPL411.  There were a total of three 411 sedans  at the 2012 show plus Arizona Hit Man's WRL411.  Yes, a rare and apparently dieing breed.  Look in the 410/411 section for the rare resurection of more of our kindred.


NissanUSA will be of no use in researching this question!

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Does anyone maintain a 410/411 registry?  I know the one on 311s.org is quite extensive for Roadsters.  Some one should step up and set this up if they are really interested in this sort of information.

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Does anyone maintain a 410/411 registry?  I know the one on 311s.org is quite extensive for Roadsters.  Some one should step up and set this up if they are really interested in this sort of information.


Great idea!

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There is a customer who comes in here all the time who sets up Warbird Registrys for old WW2 planes etc... He also does a Duesenberg registry site and some other rare makes. ill ask him.

A DMV rep could tell us how many 411 are in California, We did it for 510's about 15 years ago.

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I tracked down the guy that did the 510's report for Troy and I back in the 90's, He is still with the Ca. DMV too. It will take about a month to get the numbers. I need to write him an official letter.

Can someone explain the different VIN#'s for the 410/411 ?


that will help the search


There are RL and PL and WRL ? how do they work? All I have is RL411's

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wrl, wpl - wagons

rl, pl - sedans


there is no wrl410 or rl410, just rl411 and wrl 411 but there is a wpl 410 - wpl 411 and a pl 410 - pl411


also if your 2 door is registered it shouls show up as just a r411. the "L" is a designation for lhd, so if he were to search with no "L" then we could see if there are any rhd models here other than yours

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Ok Got it, my 2 door is inbound still..... Ill register it next month.


So the VIN # 's for 410 or 411 are:










shall we check for convertibles?

How many digits are these things after the letter prefix?

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that i dont know, looks like 6 digits after 410/411. and no you shouldnt check for verts, there was only ever 2 made for a parade after the olympics. i doubt they exist any more and if they do they arent in ca lol, they are in a garage in japan or a museum somewhere


also dont for get wr410, wr411, p410, p411, wp410, wp411... all rhd models. idk that the delux or any of that had a designation in japan as far as the vins go.

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casue its possible they meant the 310 roadster... they used the 310 for the sedan, thye roadster, then again for the stupid boxy b310 lol too many nomenclature crossings.....

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Mine is on the road, but I don't drive it every day intell the weather get better. Count me as #2 from Portland Oregon. 


I know what you mean!  I drive my 1967 RL411 as often as I can given the crappy weather we have been having this year,  I drive my cars very gently.  I put less  than 4000 miles per year on each of my cars.  That's why airlines exist!, So that you dont have to break down in the middle of nowhere. When I bought my RL411 in Montana one of my prime worries at that time time was "If I breakdown in God knows where, would the local garage throw me out on the sidewalk" or maintain  that he didn't know how to service a  car with a Studebaker transmission! Not a problem in 1968 and a few years therafter.  Try to find a Toyota service dealer in 1967 in Montana [or most of North America]!   By the way, I am the original buyer of my 1967RL411.  Best car I ever bought!  Among it's blessings it survived my wife's and our 3 children's driving lessons and road tests. 

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I Have the California DMV request information for the official count of 411's registered still in the state, I need to get it finalized and sent in so we can know for sure in Cali how many there are. We should start a pool to see who comes closest. Im betting 50

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