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'69 Datsun 510 // some four door love..


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Is this a Datsun meet? The only one I'm familiar with is JCCS in SoCal. 



It is the biggest Datsun only event on the West coast.....maybe even across the nation....I haven't heard of another but that's not saying much...


Lots of Datsuns........Lots of Fun......


Lots of us from Cali caravan up from different areas



Last year.....I met up with a couple peeps from the North Bay....crossed 37....and met up in Redding with the Sac crew....


I'm thinking of heading up a couple days early this year and camping out somewhere in Oregon again.......but we'll see when we get closer to that date....


..........................................did that the year before last with a couple Ratsuners and it was a lot of fun also

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Aside from the classifieds where you can look for parts or post what you're after there's also a thread for links to parts.



Welcome! And congrats on your new (to you) Datsun :)

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Sweet ride. U should bring it to Canby in June. Welcome.



Yea. Canby, Oregon. It's about a 13 hour drive. It's a great time.





some one really wants to meet u ...hmmmmm lol

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Nice find!!

Bring it by in Fremont

I'm sure I have the parts you need.  :thumbup:


I have couple more NOS Euro tail light sets left in my stash.









Bought it from the original owner with 235,xxx miles as a running and driving car. Originally purchased in Connecticut (had a choice between this and a BMW 2002) and been driven across country to California where it spent it's last 23 years or so in the Bay Area. And probably garaged for the last five years. It is an original color combination. I believe it has one re-spray, maybe one front fender replacement/repair, and one motor rebuild (I hope it's the original motor). Pretty original (from his memory and my little knowledge) and interior is a little worn but it's all there. All the buttons (some knobs missing) and electrical items appears to work except maybe one blinker. A very complete car.


The previous owner happened to be a client of mine and I've waited about 2 years until he was ready to sell. Got a steal on it. It runs and drives.  My first Datsun 510 and have very little knowledge on them. Any input, or weird things that stick out, would be great!! Any websites that can help me buy parts (I really want some interior knobs!) And apparently someone told me I have euro tails? thanks and sorry, I'm a slow responder!




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Found a knob the other day.. had some time on my hands, so i cleaned it up... lol i know, kinda lame. 


20140616_161057.jpg   20140616_163800.jpg






does anyone happen to know anything on these ebay dash pads by any chance? fitment? quality? thanks.. 






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Thought I've cleaned out the glove box, but I guess I didn't. Another awesome find :D 



Bedford, NY is one town over from my hometown. I wish I had seen it buzzing around the country roads back in the day. Lots of fun driving round those parts!


That's a peach of a 510 you have there. Congratulations.

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