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Carrier bearing driveshaft max load??


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mine is not bad, but i am going to have a custom driveshaft made for me for the CA18det. i am just wondering if when i do it, should i go with a solid single driveshaft or keep the stock setup, i am trying to make it where if i make too much power i don't kill the driveshaft and have to buy another one. just seeing if anyone has blown it out because of to much torque

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I have been totally convinced of the lack of NEED for the bearing if your trans to rearend angle is fairly straight...meaning that you truck would be lowered a bit. I love the response difference without the mushy rubber bearing and the lack of bearing whine with my one piece shaft.:D

So anyway...

No one in their right mind thinks that rubber on their shaft is better for performance...and whining is just never a good idea.:lol:


Even with a huge displacement/massive torque motor, the option is always there for a thick-wall, but similar O.D. shaft. I personally believe that the benefits are worth the cost.


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A one piece doesn't sound like a bad idea, though I can't see the bearing failing due to the added power unless its already on its way out. All big box trucks have multiple carrier bearings. I've been driving my KA truck for way to long, I had the bearing replaced when I first got the truck and its been fine ever since. My vote is to keep it, your and Fineline will be the guinea pigs. :D

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