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510 temperature and fuel problems...


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well my gauges stopped working... started by hitting them while driving and sometime worked... lol then reached under the dash (while driving..) and moved wires and harness worked a little while.. then needles drop back down... so this morning took off gauge cover.. started taking off the gauge assembly with ignition on and they moved and started working.. could it be a broken wire?? or dirty connector pins... ?? oh and putting stuff back burned my finger with the gauge some sort of short... but im ok lol.. any one have a clue?

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Did any of your fuses burn, if so then there's a short. Try cleaning the connectors as much as possible. If it's the mail/female type either can be loose and wire maybe coming off when you your car hits a bump on the road. It could also be corroded..our cars are aver 35 years old...

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oh and putting stuff back burned my finger with the gauge some sort of short... but im ok lol.. any one have a clue?


Datsun gauges are not galvanometer movements. They are bimetal strip driven. Current flows thru the bimetal strip which heats up and deforms. A linkage couples this deformation to the needle swing. Translation, the gauges get hot as a natural byproduct of operation, there is in all probability nothing wrong with your gauges, look at the Voltage Regulator in the instrument panel, or rerely an intermittant fuse. Fuses will open at the element to cap junction and will pass continuity test but open the minute a little too much current is drawn. when you shut down and recheck with a continuity checker, it has re-established a tiny and deceptive contact, so "looks good" but will fail again under load. Change the fuse, check the tightness of the fuse contact and good luck.

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