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bonvo's 2003 sentra se-r spec v aka pikachu

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got myself an xmas present since the sentra needs front brakes mmmmm drilled and slotted rotors with carbon ceramic pads *drool*


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micro hit the nail on the head to bad they want 200 more for a used gun then the one im looking at thats brand new 




Because guns aren't like cars and car parts, their value doesn't decrease much even after buying it and using it. And actually in my opinion you would be better off getting a used gun that is more reliable then that S&W. But I guess it all depends what you want to use it for :) 

My Springfield Armory XDm 9mm is worth just as much now as when I bought it new in 2011. 

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  • 5 weeks later...
well i think i finally got the lean issue delt with1 as you all know i tested fuel pressure, cleaned injectors, hunted for vacuum leaks, replaced the maf all that was left was was an exhaust leak before the o2 sensors or the o2 sensors themselves well i pulled them out




and found that the up stream was coming apart




downstream looks about how i expected 



and both still had the nissan logo meaning either someone paid threw the nose for o2's or there original 11 year old sensors 



after driving it threw a few drive cycles no check  engine light no more hunting for idle and rpms come right back down to where they should 


and you have to rep your parts 


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  • 2 weeks later...

well after putting the 02 sensors in it got a little better but still not what i wanted i was looking around and found a vacuum leak the smoke test didnt find so its been a vacuum leak this whole time but it has pointed me to other things wrong so i dont feel bad about replacing the other parts that were no good anyway i pulled the intake apart tonight







intake shows it sbeen working its way past the gasket 



as does the head 



gonna find a straight edge and make sure the intake isnt warped before i put it back together i doubt it is but i wanna double check 

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Hey my fellow Spec V and Datsun friend. I finally joined over here. Didn't know you also had a thread for your sentra over here.


Still gotta check mine for vacuum leaks again. 2002blackspec_v just found a blown out manifold gasket in that new daily of his too. Ya'll got me real paranoid since I didn't replace that gasket. He was at the lake this weekend. So hopefully he'll be at his shop next weekend so we can check mine for leaks real good. If I have one, its tiny. If its there, I hope we can find it. These Sentras are hard to diagnose sometimes.

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  • 1 month later...

today i did a thing!!









ill get a better video tomorrow  but heres one for now 


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  • 2 weeks later...

with the studded snow tire season coming to an end the time has come to do something about my summer wheels one of the few things ive hated about the car was the whites (and red mud flaps wtf was the po thinking?) so i went to work fixing this issue 








with some paint 





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ddid some debadging buuuuut i have color fade so it looks like the hood and trunk will be carbon fiber wrapped though i am temted to take some 2000 grit to the whole car and spray it now that i have a gun compressor and a straight car 

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2000 is good for buffing but itl be to fine to get a good stick with paint.


If you want to re shoot colour/clear use 800 and a grey scotch bright or 3M superfine pad for edges you cant get with an orbital.   :thumbup:

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They problem is the paint isnt oxidized the paint is still glossy and looks good the color itself is sun faded and the wheels arent on the car yet had other things to do

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