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Wanted: US/Canada specs F-10 Hatchback parts

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For 1976 Datsun F-10 Hatchback:

-rear bumper end cap 85030-M4980(made of rubber, right hand side)

-2-spoke steering wheel 48400-M5910

-Transmission control linkage for 5-speed (F5WF60A)

-wind guides for rear quarter windows


New or good used parts. I'm in Finland but willing to pay shipping.



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What a shame...but during the last 6 years I have been searching parts for my car, I have noticed that not many people are interested in F-10. In Finland where I live, people rather choose E10 than F10 (E10 or "100A" as it is known here, was a predecessor of F10). KF10 is rare, but my car being a private import from USA (or Canada? Who can tell the difference?) is unique in Finland. And the most probably in the whole Europe. Shame that people in States don

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With a help from "tdaaj" I found some F10 parts for sale. I contacted the seller by email and surprise surprise, he never replied. Maybe he got scared because I was from foreign country. Anyways, I

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I think there may still be an F10 2-door in the US northwest. seattle.craigslist.com

It was $600 I think for the whole car.




oh wait, $1100. He'll never sell it.




I wouldn't respond to anyone from overseas either... too many scams out there to bother. :( kinda sad now+


also, I've never seen the hatch back version in my lifetime. I wonder if the US even got those.

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mikko1200 - I posted in this thread http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=10481 today regarding parts. Can you can give me an idea what condition steering wheel you can use? We get a lot of summer sun here, and it isn't kind to plastic parts. I suspect any F10 wheel I find may have cracks in it. I think there are ways to fill those cracks, but it is probably a lot of work.


There is a small town about 70 miles from me that had at least 6 F10s dead around a house. He advertised them last year as free for hauling them away. That was before I found my F10, so I didn't go back and look. They may have gone to the crusher by now, but if I get a chance, I want to drive down and see if they are still there.



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Thanks to LenRobertson and Burabuda, I have found everything else but one wind guide. Bumper end cap I have is not the best one either. So if you come across F10 hatchback parts, let me know. And thanks again for LenRobertson and Burabuda for their priceless help in search of F10 parts.

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