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Ok Parts for sale and given away, project near completion.

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I had stuff for sale in the past but chickend out since my truck still had many problems. Now she's almost done and well I want to sell the remaing parts I have...


620 driver door with window 10$... Has rust on the bottom OBO


Short drive shaft for a 5 speed conversion for a 620. 20$ OBO


A87 head closed "no water ports", l16 intake, header shorty "Trimil", 32/36 carb Weber, Powder coated valve cover, Intake header gasket, 200.00$ OBO The head and weber will need to be rebuilt btw....


l20 dizzy but not matchbox type. 10$ OBO


1978/79 front suspension with disks and calipers and arms etc... make offer


Free 620 seat, l18 block and l20b block with chain covers. Only free if they are going to be used on there project/car.


My name is Adam and I'm in the LA area. If you need something let me know and we can negotiate on the prices. Please note me... Some parts are local pickup only....



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How much for the header???????


I'm really trying to sell it as a set. But It seems people are more interested in parting them out. There is another guy interested in the header, so he is getting priority... I just forgot his name.....

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Ohhhh..... Man.......... I meant dollars.....


Anywho, I will go even cheaper!!!!! just ask me....


I'm currently doing this in my truck



But I'm imagining it has a twin turbo 600hp streetable Datsun engine.... Jes that's nice!!! :lol:

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40 shipped for the head and valve cover? whats your paypal?


Nah man its 40 plus shipping. It another 40 dollars more for shipping around your area. The Head/valvecover is pending so it might already be sold. If not let me know if your still interested man.


I also got this for sale that I found...


BRAND NEW tie rod left side for 10 dollars with warranty. I just have to trade it in for a new one. ksmes2340a003.jpg


And a shortened drive shaft for a 620 if you want to install a 5 speed for 15 dollars....

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Head and valve cover sold. Some guy is supposedly flying in from Seattle and paying me cash for the head and valve cover.... I don't know sounds scary and a waste of time if he's lying.... But paying cash....

Everything else is still for sale..

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Got some more stuff to get rid off. Here are the pics and prices.


L18 chain cover 7$




short driveshaft for a 5 speed conversion 5 $



Fan shrow for l18 620 good condition 10$



l18 flywheel 5$



l series pulley 2$



water outlet for l series with only heater & radiator. No outlet for intake 2$



slotted mags a set of 4, 6 lug 14x6 55$



all prices are OBO. I also have other parts just let me know what you need. Peace!

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The 4 and 5 spd on the 620 are the same length so a shortened drive shaft isn't needed. That L18 timing cover will also fit the L16 motor.




Measure the clutch contact area. This could be a 225mm. All car clutches are 200mm. Someone may want a 5 bolt L16/18 flywheel that takes the larger 225mm clutch.

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short driveshaft for a 5 speed conversion 5 $



Hey Adam is the front piece from a 620? Any chance you'd ship it? If so I'd be interested, I have a 4-speed from a L18 620 and if I ever tried to use it my 521, it'd be nice to have a matching shaft. Especially for $5! (Of course I'd cover the shipping!)

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