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ronal wheels, 240z rear bumper, 240z louvers

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Getting rid of some things I dont want on this z car I bought.


A very very nice rear luggage style 240z bumper off my 72. No dents that I see, chrome is rpetty damn nice, one small spot of rust on the passenger side. 200



Rare ronal 14x6 wheels. I'd prefer to keep the tires, but maybe we can work something out. I'd like 300 without tires, but im pretty flexible.


Interpart Louvers, No drlling required. Comes with original locking keys, and instruction. 150obo.


I'm willing to make some trades. I need zg rivet/bolt on fender flares, a bre spoiler, l28 turbo engine. Possibly even trade for some good body work. Also looking for watanabes, rota rb or konig rewinds in 14inch with 0 or slightly positive offset.



To save some bandwidth on my server im not displaying these things, just click on the link if you want to see them.










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