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is this the back reflector (lens) ?

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my ( old man ) neighbor wanna fit it on his 1966 520 , he is so precise and like the stock


so, please is it this one


L - 1708 KOITO JAPAN      R - 33 SAE B 65 ( red part stamp )




38952 R Koito JAPAN SAE B 65









and if any have an nos pair please qoute for me

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Your photos show the right side, there are left and right pieces.

The part numbers are,


26560-14800 left

26565-14800 right

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hi  ,I have the complete tail light with those numbers on it  ,,red reflector  ,,on the bottom is a clear reflector  S14775  sae stdr 67..i have 3 complete tail lights,maby they are what you want.also I have a brand new kangaroo wjndshield bag and wiper motor,,i think its for a 1000 or a 1200 model ..my email is  bkkb20032000@yahoo.ca  

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