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L-series Rocker Arm Refinishing

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Hi, my name is Jake, and I build L motors. (yes, it is an addiction...)


Anyway, for those of you who buy new rocker arms every time you change cams, you know it isn't cheap. 13$ per rocker, 8 or 12 rockers per engine, that's 104$ or 156$ per cam, plus the cam!


SO DON'T PAY IT! *Factory Nissan* rockers can be refinished 3-5 times before they are worn out.


I can and will refinish your *Factory Nissan* rocker arms for $2.50 per rocker, plus your shipping costs. For a four cylinder engine, that's 20$ per engine, plus maybe 20$ shipping. For a six, that's 30$ plus 20$ shipping. MUCH more reasonable.


Now, you notice I stress that these must be FACTORY NISSAN rockers, why? Because aftermarket rockers have the wear pad made of a softer material, and they don't resurface well.


So, anyone who wants me to refinish your rocker arms, send me a PM here and I will get with you on exact pricing (shipping) and whether or not your rockers can be refinished. I can't fix rockers that have any pitting or chunks missing,but normal wear can be easily taken care of.

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The 20$ shipping is a highball estimate, meant to cover somebody shipping them in from Antarctica or somewhere equally strange. I only charge the actual shipping cost.


Yes, normal wear includes cam divots, but if you have doubts, send me a picture and I'll let you know. USUALLY, you won't have a problem.


As far as knowing if they are factory rockers, USUALLY, they will have the Nissan symbol on the side of the rocker somewhere, but if you have never replaced the cam or rockers, I'll take it on faith that you have Nissan rockers. Like I said, the aftermarket rockers are a different hardness and don't resurface well.


As far as photos go, I can take some. Process, it's easy! Only catch is you need a surface plate to check the rockers on.


1. Buy a good surface plate. (Enco Tool company has excellent deals.)


2. Get a load of 120 grit silicon carbide (black/wet or dry) sandpaper


3. place the paper on the plate, grit side up, and dampen enough that the water holds the paper in place. Practice.


4. Clean rockers carefully, and evaluate if it's worth refinishing them.


5. Drag rocker across the wetted paper, being certain to apply even pressure left to right, and turn your wrist as you work the rocker to evenly grind the high spots down. Again, practice. Any flat spots on the rocker radius will eat camshafts. Work from end to end, not side to side.


6. CLEAN EVERYTHING. I mean it. be obsessive.


7. Using some machinist's bearing blue, check the rocker arm against the surface plate, looking for flat spots, low spots, and pitting or irregularity. A trained eye and practice using bearing blue is a huge help.


8. Clean and oil your resurfaced rockers to prevent rust.


Or, you can send them to Delta Camshaft for resurfacing for 4$ per rocker. I don't know the process they use, but it is probably a mechanized version of the above.

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