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those are a bitch. my mom and i built one when i was younger..... nothing stays together :rofl:

As someone who has been building gundam kits since midle school they arent that hard at all lol

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Waiting on "You Can NOT Re Do" to show up in the mail! 

your going to waiting a while.  it hasn't been released yet. 

that reminds me.  i need to pre order this.

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I can do me some Gunpla.  Been getting back into it now.  Kits are super detailed, easy to put together and modify as well.  This is the 'Bad Guy' suit from Unicorn Gundam, the Sinanju.  1/144th scale and super poseable.  Building took some time I as tried to sand all the nubs and such off.  Right now, he will be getting a repaint.  This is just snapped together with the kit gold foils added.





This is my Full Armor Unicorn the 'good guy' from the same series as the above guy.  He has a ton of parts, but due to his transformable design, he tends to be rather fragile.  I don't really display him much.



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Scored a few models today! 




the "vantasy" is freakin SICK !


and now kids can learn what the LAPD means on a helicopter and why they should keep running

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Is there any difference between the Vantasy and the standard Deora kit, other than decals perhaps?


Not much difference between the original issue and this one. This one has a camper top and new decals and they deleted the tonneau cover and clear camper from the original. 

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