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Not quite a Datsun but still fun

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I thought I'd post a pic of the Toyota I picked up. Mainly because my neighbor (ratsun member) waived me down last night but I didn't have time to chat. If you wanted to ask me something about it I'm all ears. Again sorry I just drove by without stopping. By the way I saw that sick as s**t 510 on your flat bed the other week I almost creamed myself.





Oh a large port blue top 16v




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don't worry..some of us have all kinds of cars. I have a 71 datsun 510, 75 Toyota Celica and a 65 Mustang Shelby fastback replica. Oh yeh, I had 2 Datsun 510 wagons that I sold like several years ago and I kicked myself in the butt for selling one of them, a 72 and I was the second owner.


BTW I like that car and I think that's not the stock engine...


If smog was not an issue here in california, I would buy the 80's Toyota corollas or wagons.

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Thats why I love Washington its 25 years old so I don't have any smog what so ever to worry about.


lol You guessed it that is not the stock engine. This is an '83 corolla (AE72 chassis code not the '80-'82 TE72) so it came stock with a 4ac and this one was an auto trans. It now has a complete '86 corolla GTS power train 4age, T50, LSD disk brake rear end. The suspension is stock '86 GTS suspension with a few minor tweaks to keep me happy. And to make it run right its running a factory '86 GTS wiring loom, ECU, gas tank and lines, and the '86 dash, gauge cluster and seats for looks. All said and done it acts vary similar to an '86 GTS but its 150lbs lighter and it can pull away from an '86 20v swapped corolla while maintaining 30+mpg.

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