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510 parts

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Friend of mine has some random 510 parts that he wants me to sell. He's had this stuff sitting in his garage for a while and he doesn't need it any more. It's been a while since I've looked at 510 parts but I know this stuff is prime!

He's looking to get best offer for each. All parts are OEM.

Pair of bumper overrides with replacement rubber. One is brand new the other is used but in great shape. Just needs to be cleaned.


Brand new Dash pad for 69-73! Original Nissan part! Perfect.


Original 510 wiper blades. Brand new and perfect for that resto project.


Also has a great front windshield with weather strip. Sorry no pic.

All items are in North Portland. PM me or email at dattson510@hotmail.com


Sorry, I didn't read the sticky before posting. I'll get a price for each and post as soon as I can.


Seems like everyone just wants the Dash Pad so start at $120. This is a real dash, not a molded cap. It's hard to even find a cap for under $90.

Thanks for looking

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