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Project: Bucket Of Rusty Excrement 78' 620 KC

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Naaaah, she's good to go, throw her on. This IS an L series ya kno....


Lol... I want the engine and engine bay to look real nice, and it does have alot of corrosion buildup on the bottom, it's been sitting since my dad took the L20 out of my truck to put in his 73'.. this head is off the L16 that my original L20B replaced....

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i'm not sure, i just looked at the L20 pan my dad on his, and it seemed a bit thinner, other than that they loook the same so I think it will work, but when i test fit the engine i will find out.




You can do some measuring, then take the pan you have and drop it down in the engine bay and see if everything lines up.  It's not fun to put a pan on an engine with new gaskets, get it all torqued down, and find out it doesn't fit. -I know, from experience :hmm:

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All intake ports are round. 

It's the exhaust we call square or round. 


All A87s, open or closed, are square port heads. 



That head looks a bit rusty.

I'd be weary. 


oh.. now i feel dumb....


I am a bit weary, but i plan on a full tear down of that aswell just to be safe.

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oh.. now i feel dumb....


I am a bit weary, but i plan on a full tear down of that aswell just to be safe.


It may be easier, and cheaper to buy one from a yard or a member. 


Having the L16 you can even use a 210 head without concern. 




Or-find some 240Z flat top pistons and a U67 head to add some win to your ride. 

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That 'scoring' is nothing. It's the other side of those bearing shells that need to be looked at.... the sides that the crank mains and rod journals ride against. They are covered with layers of soft metal and will show wear often right down to the copper backing material. Nothing in these pictures looks abby normal.




Flip those bearing shells over and show pictures of them and the crank.


Posting to prove this thread is NOT boring



You posted pics of the crank, and it's pretty good. But I meant the bearing shell halves that ride against the crank. These are a good indicator of wear. It would be normal to see wear through the thin soft layers.

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THey all basically look as such. Just to be safe i think i will just get the new pump anyway, and i can use the old one as a bartering chip. :P

Definitely get a new oil pump but just not an L series. Get the high volume pump from a KA24E or DE that is in the D21 pick-up.

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Rabbit Headlight buckets! tomorrow i'm makin the new mounting plates for my headlights, and fogs. fogs... that don't work.... but i will get new ones! when i'm not broke =P

the carcass i pulled them off of

and them after bein pulled.

For those who care, Not a huge update, but one none the less.

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It will be a while. Have to get my Bimmer runnin first. Then whe n full time work comes into my life, and i have space to work on it, this is getting torn down, all the structural rust is gettin fixed and the l16 is getting bosche fuel injection and boost ;P big plans for it, but lack of funds.

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