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ruined 510


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To say that the workmanship and welding looks sketchy, would be a huge understatement. People need to learn good fab skills before they attempt something like this. Those heim joints are going to snap right off, the axle will wrap, and the guy will probably kill himself. The whole thing looks horrible. You couldn't pay me enough to ride in that car.

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If there was justice only he would be killed, but it will be on the street with other innocent drivers.


Id like for him to hit a bump where the 4-links off that crossmember break off. Then in the ensuing crash, the link bars impale him to the dash. 

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Welding those 'tractor links' ruined any bearing surface, not to mention loading them in the worst possible way....

Tractor links are the sloppiest joint you can buy...some people should not be allowed to own a welder. WTF...


No way any of that is TIG, I won't even get into welding a rod end straight to a cast center section....


"should be good to go" to the scrap pile... :sick: 

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"Fresh Paint"? Did he just paint over all of that rust on the roof? You know, like those holes? 



I have seen worse and done worse paint wise,,, but like i says,, move video to :56 and take a look at the crazy snowcat (??) running gear goings on before he did what he did in the OP video... It`s some crazy contraption for sure.


As Steve Martin and Bill Murray once said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What the hell is that!??

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