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anyone know?


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Far as I know it bolts to the floor and just slips under the heater controls. If looking for one do so in our classified section... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-body-and-interior/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc

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No mods are needed.

There are 2 different lengths though...relative to short and long tail trannies




There is a metal bracket 'needed' to mount the front of the console

As seen on right in pic



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I got the long console for mine and it bolts right in, but since mine has a 3" body lift, the shifter would hit the console so I had to do some minor trimming to get mine to fit without the stick hitting it...


$10 + shipping from ebay and about $6 for a can of vinyl paint from pep boys to paint it gray to match the rest of my interior.


Cleaned, painted and temp installed for fit check... I had to trim the front and back of the shifter opening to clear the stick...





Then I had to put the rubber inner boot on the metal pan in upside down to keep it from popping out of gear, I don't have a pic of that but can take one and post it if anyone has the same problem with a body lifetd 4x4. And after the interior boot is installed, you can't tell it was ever trimmed. I used vinyl paint to paint it gray since regular paint won't stick, you can get regular paint to stick tho if you spray on a coat of adhesion promoter first, if you can't find the vinyl paint in the right color.

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You can find out by looking under your truck at the transmission, the long tail shaft takes the long console and the short tail shaft takes the short console, Basically what happens if you get it wrong the stick will be off center in the opening in the console and it may hit either the front or the back of the opening when going thru the gears. I would guess it depends on the year model and whether or not it was 4wd would be what determines if you need the long one or the short one. mine also came out of an 83 or earlier year model because it says Datsun in the upper panel instead of Nissan. They also come with or without the 2 gauges installed since that gauge package was another factory option. so that's something else to decide when you're looking for a console if you want the one with the gauges or not, long or short, and if it says Datsun or Nissan if it doesn't come with the gauges. Check ebay often for these, they usually sell for $10 or 15 but some sellers will sell them for way more, you shouldn't have to pay more than around $20 for a good one without the gauges.

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The two transmission lengths are 31.5" and 26" and you can just quickly measure them. I have a short 26" 5 speed from a 4x4 so I don't think being a 4x4 or 2wd matters.

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Yes, it's all about the transmission length... the short 26" one is pretty noticeable because of it's really stubby looking tail shaft housing, but for sure, measure it you're not sure which one you have.


My '86 4x4 does have the short transmission but since mine has a body lift, the long console fits better, and I still had to trim around the back of the opening for the stick to not hit when in 2nd, 4th, or reverse. If I didn't have the body lift, the long one most likely wouldn't have worked for me.

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