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411 wagon rear shocks.


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So I'd like to get a set of KYB Gas A Just Shocks  (Whites) for my 67 wagon, but only the fronts are offered.  There is no direct application for the rear.  Does anyone know off the top of their head what other ones I could use? 510 wagon? I'm thinking that the car is going to be around 3 inches lower than stock if that helps.  I've been looking at the Monroe dimension guide, but it's about to make my head explode.

Thanks folks

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I shop on Amazon.com a lot. They have free shipping to Hawaii. You can search for an item and they have a drop-down menu to see if it fits your vehicle. For my 65 410 wagon, they show part number KG 4515. For $35.71 each. If you alter ride height, I would research here, http://www.kyb.com/technical/documents/ShockDimensionsSecured.pdf all gas-adjust shocks start with KG. Aloha!

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I read your post after I made my reply. Stock shock lengths are around 12 inches compressed and 20 extended. You can go to the link I posted and scroll toward the bottom to see what gas a just products will fit your set up. But i am unclear as to whether subtracting three would be ideal. Good luck!

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Somewhere in this 410/411 posting I listed the life time guarantee Sears gas filled shocks [yes, not adjustable] that I have used on my RL411. "Search" is your friend. Available, and yes Sears does honor the "lifetime" guarantee. I bought my originals in 1970 and kept the original [important to the guarantee] sales slip and when the front bushings wore out, Sears replaced all 4 shocks at no cost. They appear to me to be Monroes painted a different color.

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