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Haha, priceless. The car in the picture is KITT from Knight Rider, gotta love the Hasselhoff... What ever happened to the guy that did "Dewd you got a dell!"




On February 9, 2003, Curtis was caught attempting to buy a small bag of marijuana on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Curtis was arrested and charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Word of the arrest of the Dell dude spread quickly through the media.

Since the bag Curtis possessed contained a very small amount of marijuana, the judge in his case was lenient. The case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal, such that the case would be dismissed and Curtis's record cleared if he remained clean for the next twelve months. Despite the incident, Dell spokesman Venancio Figueroa maintained that Curtis' relationship with the company was "still in place." Dell, Inc. terminated Curtis' employement and ended its relationship him soon afterward, citing unspecified violations of company policy; whether these violations were related to the arrest is unclear. However, it is believed that Curtis was already in the process of being phased-out in favor of a new pitch for Dell. In early 2003, the Dude ad campaign was dropped in favor of a new set of commercials about three Dell interns.

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