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1979 Datsun B210 - Build up

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Hey Guys


Still here wanted to update you on my new project and build:


Donor - 79 Datsun B210 ( have title)


Here are a few shots of how it sits.  Its being shipped from Cali to GA.




SR20DE Side Draft Carb

Welded or LSD rear end.

Nice 13-16 inch wheels


Full Interior








210 Arrives



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Sorry to say this, but it is his car so why bash his choice? Nice car and I look forward to following your progress. I have mulled over trying to stuff a VG30DE into my B210 but I'm not sold on it. As far as the weight thing, yea, it is heavier, but so is a KA, L, SR, ect. Most swaps will be heavier unless you go the aussie route with the G16 and vitara trans.


I'm not sure but is the VG33E as light as the VG30DE? If so they are a very light V6. An L series with 5 speed, stock manifolds ect will weight only ~100 less than a VG30 swap using headers (you will most likely need headers to clear everything). The VG series sits farther back in the engine bay allowing for better weight distribution and you can relocate the battery to get more off the front.


All that said, good luck 85720Bullet. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

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On to the info:


I have been through the process of building 240sx and Skylines so I am not interested in a SR20DET or a RB20 or 25 DET I need something that no one has done..


VG33DE is a great engine with good applicaitons.  Its a smaller in size V6 and will fit in the engine bay with little modification.  It produces a good amount of hp and especially torque is what we are really interestsed in.  I can run this stock engine with Custom intake and header and smoke the tires any day of the week but I need to add a bit more POWA.. So comes the Turbo. 


Stock specs on VG33E


Horsepower(SAE net@rpm) 125 kW (168 hp) @ 4800 rpm Torque (lb. ft. @ rpm)

266 N·m (196 lb·ft) @ 2800 rpm


Please see video as this is what I am shooting for:




368 WHP and 461 WTQ is what this build made on first pull.


Specifics on what will be used to get to my HP and TRQ goal.


New Precision 6262

Fuel Tech EMS

Injectors not sure of CC yet

Custom Intake Manifold built by Toyota1515

Other supporting mods



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Changed build up of car.  I had a Full 3TC engine fall in my lap so its 3tc from here on out.. I will refresh the engine and probably use side draft carbs to get me roughly 200 to the wheels and that shoudl be plenty.  I will have my fabricator make some coilovers and then a custom exhaust.. Plans may change again...





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Ok so my mind has changed thus AGAIN.


So now we have as a powerplant   Silvia SR20DE with 5 speed SR20 trans.  Will include Side draft Carbs stock as of now.


Future plans:


Stage 3 BC Cams

BC Valve Springs

BC Stainless Valve kit

Scat H beam Rods

SR16VE Pistons for 11.5.1 Comp

Tomei Rev Kit



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Hi guys Newbie here, sup Josh miss me in this forum?


I always love this model of Datsun as that was the first car Brand / Model i buy ever and they got a special space in my heart, since then i have never owned another 210 79 - 82 model and want another one really bad, i got couple of my own projects going on and couple more from customers, but there is always a little space for another one, this one right here is inline after like 3 projects that are in front of it,


Anyway who knows how things move, by the way i also got lots of experience with the A15 Engine and in turbo trim i have seen them over 400 WHP so is all about the tastes, i like the easy achievable power oof the SR20 in N/A configuration i guess 180 to 200 is a easy reach without breaking the bank so lets see!

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