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6 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

When you tighten the torsion bar adjusting bolt you are twisting (loading) the torsion bar.   When you loosen the torsion bar adjusting bolt you are un-twisting (un-loading).  When you tighten a torsion bar up to lift the truck you are alsomiking the front suspension stiffer, harsher ride.  This is what a torsion bar is designed to do set the ride height and the stiffness of the suspension (support the weight of the front of the truck, cushion bumps) .




 I'm afraid I'm with Hainz on this. Turning the torsion bar up to raise the ride height doesn't make the spring stiffer. It's simply supporting the same weight higher up. I suspect that if you used a torque wrench when adjusting the nut to raise the height it would read the same from top to bottom. A torsion bar is just a linear coil spring. If you push up on a coil spring and try to compress it, all that happens is that it transfers that into lifting the body the same amount.

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Hainz and Mike are right (Don’t make me regret saying that.) Springrate doesn’t change. You’re just resetting the starting point. If there were no other suspension components installed except for the torsion bars and LCA’s, you’d just adjusting the initial angle at which force starts to be applied. The steeper the angle downwards, the higher the truck sits.

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I think the biggest reason for reindexing is because of the adjuster bolt and the arms they attach too....

Raising the front wont matter because the adjusters are going up but when lowering without indexing the adjusters are dangling below the truck.... also you can only go so far with the bolt before it bottoms out or falls out....

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3 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

OK I have a different opinnion.



You experience added stiffness? Well the upper and lower control arms are at an extreme downward angle instead of more out to the side. Any bump will thrust more lengthwise up the arm instead of swinging it upward as it was doing. You might feel this as firmer.

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