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73 240z, VH45, six speed, R32 rear end, Z-trix, T3

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Well, I guess here is as good a place to start as any. I first purchased my Z from a used car dealer in El Paso, TX right near the border of Mexico. It had been sitting there for years neglected and I had been on the hunt for a 240z for months. 


It looked pretty decent and started with only a little coercion and I was ready to take it home immediately.


It already had a few modifications

The dreaded headlight issue had been taken care of, with an upgrade to H4 lights from Blackdragon auto, and a set of relays


The PO put a non working VW stereo in it...


For some reason the shoulder belts were swapped for a st of lap belts.


Thankfully the PO swapped an early set of S.U.s onto the car. No flattops!








The first thing I did was take the car to get new tires. Which it wasn't easy finding a set that fit the appliance mesh wheels. Only one shop in El Paso had them.


The next day I went ahead and did an oil change, and put oil in the carbs, checked all the other fluids etc, and started to enjoy the car. It was about a week later that it started to develop problems. Over the course of a few months the 40 year old parts started to show their weaknesses.


I had a fan belt snap while enjoying a mountain road. 


An incorrect radiator hose got caught on the alternator fan and ripped open. 


Then the car started sputtering and dying on me. So I figured a full carb rebuild was in order.


Then my heater core sprung a leak, so I bought a new selector vale and hoses, then had the core repaired.





The car got new needles, nozzles, and I thoroughly cleaned and inspected each carburetor. 


While the Carbs were apart, I also had the dashboard and heater box and fan out, so I could get the heater core repaired. During that time I disassembled, painted, and resealed the heater box. I used foam weather strip with the adhesive backing to reseal the box and get rid of the thunk noise it made when moving the controls.


One of my controls was also damaged so I rebuilt/ unbent the control assembly, and lubricated all of the cables with white lithium. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of that.




The box with new hoses and valve, all cleaned up and ready to go in.


I wish I would have done the fan upgrade while I had the dash out, but I didn't know about it. Now my fan is starting to wear out.


During all this I also replaced all the dash bulbs, and installed the lighting system relay from MSA. I was really pleased with the difference in the lighting system that kit makes. IT brightens all of your running and dash lights while reducing amperage draw on the system.


I found a good used center console, as mine was split in half, but it didn't go in for a while.


I also removed the A/C system hackjob that was in the car. IT didn't work and was poorly installed.


The car also got a new cap and rotor, spark plugs, and wires.




Shortly after this was taken I restored the steering wheel. All the paint was stripped and redone with a semi-gloss black and clear, and the "wood" was cleaned and sealed with a few coats of polyurethane.


Around this time I scored a 5-speed out of an 82 280ZX from the junkyard, and then a big change happened.


My partner got a job offer in PA so we packed a duffel into our 370Z and left all of our stuff at a friends house. Where we were living at the time To drive to PA and hope he got the job haha.


Shortly after I flew back down to El PAso, to pack up everything, and load up the two cars to be shipped to PA.


I ended up spending more time in El Paso than originally planned, and I needed to get the Z tuned up and running right while I still had a garage to do it in.


My headlights had also stopped working after having the dash apart, and it ended up being that the switch had worn out, so I rebuilt it with some copper sheet. I also finally got a used hazard switch, as the internals of mine were broken.


I finally thought I had it done when on my birthday the fuel pump let go.


So a tow back to the house and a fuel pump later I was good.


Until I was driving one night and the alternator went. So I bought a new alternator and voltage regulator.


Since then I had the car shipped up to PA. 



Along with my VW, and this was just the truck to get them to the transport depot.


Since then it has run excellently. I bought new shift boots, and e brake boot and installed my console. Before doing that I made a choke bracket out of some sheet metal, delrin spacers and some hardware. I have mostly been enjoying the car, but it has a long way to go. It will need new struts, and the left caliper has been sticking occasionally, but once winter starts I will be daily driving the bug and taking this apart.



I probably should do it sooner, but I have been enjoying the Rural PA roads too much. 


Sorry for the long read. I have only had this car a short time and already so much has happened. I hope that I can really get started on making this thing into what I want in the near future.


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love that red too man, welcome to Ratsun 

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Thanks. I wish the paint was better than it actually is. I have some rust, and the paint was done wrong about 10 or so years ago. It's cracked, and chipped all over. This winter the plan is to strip it down and cut all the rust out, and repaint from scratch. I was thinking of going with original Datsun 905 Red, or going ballsy and choosing an Infiniti or newer Nissan color. I really like the Solid red from the 09-11 GTR.

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Here's a pic of the before on my lenses




One polished one not



Both done


Now I just have to order new chrome strips. Mine were deteriorated from the sun, one touch turned them to powder. I used dish soap and warm water to clean up the housings and lenses, then some plastic polish to make them shine. 


There is some deterioration on the inside too, I will need to buy some sheet styrene to fix that.


I've also started to tear down the car, and hopefully I will be able to do some update worthy work.

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those lenses came out nice, what polish did you use? 

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I finally got the chrome to finish up my tail lights, and I have a set of T3 coilover on the way. There's still a lot to do, and I have been extremely busy with work. Hopefully I will have the replacement body panels I need shortly. 


I will keep you all updated on when this project really gets started.



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I want your autobahns :poke:

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I didn't get a good look, but yeah the appliance wheels.

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I'm not sure how much they're worth. I have all four center caps, and they're on a new set of tires.

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One slight problem shipping those from PA to WA haha

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Well guys, I got some parts in with some more on the way. Plus I have a new space to work in, which will be getting some improvements to make it a functional shop to my standards. 


Rear set of T3 suspension.



I just got the front set, but I am leaving them wrapped up, except to check for damage. One of the rear shocks had the adjuster pushed in so it's been sent back to T3 to get replaced. 




Here's the set of fender repair panels, and some more weatherstripping 



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I also have a few pics of the new work space. 








It's a three bay garage, with on bay walled off. Oversized with plenty of floor space. I'll be doing some repairs and painting in there. Adding more lighting and getting it nice and neat to start working on the Z and also my '69 VW beetle.

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Some updates for you guys. I have been awfully busy with a recent move, a new truck, some personal things, and my work schedule. I just got a promotion to a lead A&P Mechanic, and have been working a ton of overtime. I have done a few things to the car though and I've started my engine project as well. Here's some pictures.





An L28 F54 that I got local for $200! It is in pretty nice shape except for the grime and spins freely. 




There she sits. I hope to have the tear down done soon, and have it ready to get sandblasted and start body work. I have new floor pans and rails, new rear quarters and a ton of new seals. Unfortunately both my windsheild and hatch glass cracked while taking them out, which sucks because they were original to the car. Still a long way to go, but it will get there.

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Well guys, this project is slowly moving forward. I have been extremely busy with work, and it seems that the more money I make the less extra I have haha. I have seriously been considering selling my VW to fund this project and get the ball rolling, but it will be a tough car to let go. Without further babbling, here are some progress pictures.


I got the engine and trans out, and most of the car stripped down. Unfortunately, the more I take off the more damage I find.




This was scary ^^^^ The shop that did my lower control arm bushings, apparently forgot to tighten that.






The old L24 and 4 speed. Sitting next to the L28 on the stand.


Now we start with the ugly!




First thing I noticed was this motor mount.




This is right in front of the cross member. Both rails are bent. No wonder the front end didn't fit together right.




The car appears to have been slid into a pole or hit from the side. 




The current state of the car. I am planning on having the car either chemical dipped or sand/ soda blasted.



The hole left by the engine removal.




Parting shot. 

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More updates to the thread, as I pull more off the car to get it ready to be dipped and then all the metal fixed.




Dash is out




Head is off the L28




Cylinders look pretty good! 


My plan from here is to have the car chemical stripped and start on the body work. I will need to take it to a frame shop to get everything straightened out. Also, since I still have no power in the garage...... or the skills necessary, I will be outsourcing the metal work and paint to a shop. I may have to sell my VW to cover the cost, which will be tough, considering I have owned that car for years.


The rest of my plans are to build up the L28, and rebuild the 5 speed I got. Source an R200 and convert to CV joints in the back. I have a full set of T3 coils to go in, and plan to add much more to the suspension.  

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I work in flight delivery, and I mostly handle Production S76s and S92s. I also work on Completed aircraft to be delivered to the customer.

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So, it has been a long while since I have really made any headway on this car. Since I last worked on it I bought a house, Started school, and picked up another job to have some extra cash. I decided that I wanted to learn to do the body work on this car myself. The majority of it at least, so I bought a welder a grinder, and some other tools necessary to move forward with the project. Here's some pics of where I'm at. 

IMG_20150714_1502241_zpscmpwbckn.jpgWiper cowl ground down, I actually have primer on this now, but no pics




I started grinding on the right rear quarter, and quickly realized that the rust was a little worse than expected, time to start cutting out the cancer!






At least they tried to fix the rust. Some braised on patches directly over the rot, and tons of bondo to cover it all up. mmmm


IMAG0194_zpsil8rmgbc.jpgUnder the patches




This part of the fender essentially fell off!



Most of the lip is cut off. It was at this point I seriously considered just doing flares. I already have the repair panels though and I wanted a cleaner look. Maybe I'll put metal flares on in the future.


The back end of the rocker was rusted out as well, so I cut and drilled the welds to get the corner of the door jamb off. I saved that piece but it will need some cleaning and POR. Then I cut out the end of the rocker. I will also need to try and fab up replacement pieces behind the rocker to the wheel well. Anywhere I can get just the back piece of the rocker panel, the rest of mine are solid. Or should I just buy the whole thing, drill the spot welds and replace it so I can also seal the area up?




Here's how it all sits for now, until I can get some cash for inner fenders and the rockers!


:devil:  :frantics:

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Back from the dead! Watch this space for some really serious updates and a complete change of pace.

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Thread has been long dead, and build has been relatively dormant, but I do have some updates.


A few years back while browsing the internet, I got the wild idea to run a Japanese V-8 in my 240z. Probably influenced by too many Petrolicious videos or something. So the hunt began to try an find a suitable donor. 1UZs seemed like a good idea, and they had been done a couple times, but I wanted something unique that wore the Nissan/ Infiniti badge. Through researching I discovered the VH45DE. A popular option among drifters, and a few crazy 300zx owners. As luck would have it I found a complete engine and ECU only an hour away at a steal. It had been sitting, and was a series 1 (more on that later), so the condition was iffy. However, I had made up my mind and it was going to go into the Z.


While collecting parts for my VH build, and looking for a deal on a CD009, T3 had just come out with their rear end conversion kit. I needed something to update the rear end on my Z, and decided I would go with this option. Part of the conversion is sourcing a rear end from various Nissan or Infiniti models. After some searching I found a good deal on a complete front and rear setup out of an R32. 




The front setup was a nice bonus. I am thinking of having an adapter made so that I can run S15 5-lug hubs, and the R32/Z32 front brakes. I've designed and 3D printed and adapter that would allow me to run stock 240z bearings in the 5-lug hub, just need to mock everything up and check offsets with the brakes on. 







In the mean time I had been collecting parts for the VH, and started to tear it down to clean everything up. It wasn't too bad for what I had paid. 


Continued on next post.


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Somewhere I have pictures of all of the engine parts I have collected. Not sure what happened to them, but I have all the gaskets, seals, bolts, bearings, and rings I need to reassemble. It has been a few years of on and off building due to work, school, and life. Anyway, I got the engine disassembled and assessed it's condition. Some surface rust on a few internal components needs to be cleaned up, but the bearings looked like it had been taken care of previously. I sourced a bunch of parts from Performance VH, specifically the chain guide upgrade. It is not uncommon to find these series one VH engines with broken chain guides. Which mine did, but not completely gone. 




Took a considerable amount of  degreaser to get to this point!


Engine got primed, and painted a special color.










I'm really happy with how this color came out. It is very close to the blue on my original block. I have recently discovered that my car is numbers matching, so I have the engine and trans in storage.


Next step for the engine was to give the cylinders a clean up. They weren't horrible, so a good ball honing did the trick.






Most of this is old oil and a little bit of surface rust from sitting in the garage during paint. Cleaned up really nicely.




I also had a few more parts trickle in. One of the more important pieces.




Then I found a good deal on a 370z/G37 transmission. I have yet to crack it open, but the seller stated that it may need synchros. I will see what I'm dealing with soon. This trans is very similar to the famed CD009, I think Nissan just changed the PNs. Only weak point is the clutch slave. It has a plastic body that is known to crack. I will need a new one anyway, so plan on going with a conversion kit that uses an external slave. Can't remember where I found it, but there is a setup that has a performance clutch/ flywheel along with the conversion. I should be able to use the flywheel and clutch from a 370z, with the flex plate of the VH and the collins adapter without any issues according to collins. Just need to swap out the pilot bushing for the proper bearing. 






Evil plastic slave cylinder. 


Due to my ADHD brain, and not knowing the best way to clean up internal components before reassembly. I turned my attention to one of the two dashes I have. 




Not sure if I will keep this one or sell it. The middle was in pieces, but it seems to be a bit better on top. MY original dash had a cap on it that took most of the plastic off with it. The foam on this dash is black, which leads me to believe it might be a reproduction?




I also picked up some flairs. Unfortunately the body work hasn't progressed much. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues that have made it tough to get out to do this. Hoping to get things sorted and keep moving forward on the build.



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58 minutes ago, 73240z said:










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12 minutes ago, datzenmike said:



 For Mock-up ONLY 

I want to test fit all the bearings, and check the dimensions to ensure that offset and scrub radius will be the same with the rotors over the hubs before having a set machined. I also wanted to make sure that I could still get the snap ring into the hub with the way it was designed. There may be a few iterations before the final part is made. I would never run a plastic suspension part. This should also help me mock up a caliper bracket. 


Should have specified that.

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