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Stereo dimmer wire


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It is a non datsun specific question, but y'all are geniuses and might be able to help me out.


I am putting an aftermarket sony cd/radio head into my car.


What do I do w/ the old stock dimmer wire? (In a Suzuki Swift if it matters)


The sony has a main power wire(red) and a memory wire, both of which I understand.


The sony also has a power antenna and an external amplifier wire.


So where does the dimmer wire go?



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tape it off and dont worry about it. if the radio had a dimmer funtion you would hook that up to teh dimmer wire from the car. but since it doesn't dont worry bout it. just tape off the end of the wire and go.


you did get teh PROPER adapters to do the job right, right???

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Thanks Mopar! The car came w/ the aftermarket adapters already attached, and the PO had just clipped off the old stereo. So the aftermarket wiresare still labled and everything.


Right-o I will cap that puppy and be done with it (until I decide the stock speakers suck ass and have to replace them!)

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Yes, tape it off.


I have a 4 year old Kenwood and there is a dimmer function for the LCD screen. Had to drive across Canada with it flashing on and off in my face at night. When I had time I read the manual for the settings. Bright at night dim in day. A newer Sony must have this.

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