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putting the POWER in powerwheels

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what do you get when you mix together a pink barbie jeep, 2 high capacity glass mat batteries, and a 24v electric motor?


One helluva fast barbie powerwheels.


It smokes its pink pvc wheels as it terrorizes the neighborhood, and I've heard it'll even beat the chevy volt in the quarter mile.


The first incarnation of it was cobbled together with tape and bits of string, after the first couple runs at 30 mph it suffered a catastrophic failure (as expected) and is now being rebuilt. Pics to follow....

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i put 2 12 volt bats on a jeep power wheels we beefed it up to hold a 180 pound guy wraped the tires with rubber semi aggresive tread that thing would climb anything it finaly died after a few too many jumps i wish i would have taken some pics of it.I would love to make a new one with the way motors and batts have come yoy could make some fast torquey stuff

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