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75' and '85 long beds from Oz

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Hey guys, I have been lurking in the shadows for a while now and I figure I'll show you guys how us ozzies do things. Hope you enjoy


I started out with this little beaty as my first car and rolled around static for ages.




and then got this one strictly for the tub




and rolled around 2 tone for a bit

as the grey one is the one that is registered




And then I started to get a 720 chassis on the ground donated by a duel cab (photochopped by the way)










I wanted to keep it pretty stock lookin so I didn't shave any of the door handles or locks, just the drip rails around the side windows, hooks on tray are staying






Cut some of the sill off to level it out with the tray






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Bit of a traditional bodydrop to get the lot sitting on the ground, floor was pretty rotten anyways so I would of had to do a fair bit of cuttin anyways, some one thought it would be a good idea to cover the rust with some fibreglass.














Moulding of the light bezels because the remake ones didn't fit at all, gotta do everything yourself hey




Cut the bed up, just raised the floor





Pulled all the foam off the dash as it was rooted anyways and I'm just going to rock the shaved up frame, not finished yet of coarse





The idea is to keep it oldskool so I'm going to sport some whiteline tyres



painted the chassis and some other gear



some lift in the front









And as it sits today, just doing bodywork at the moment and then an interior and then drive it hopefully



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You sir, are an insane maniac!!! (probably because Oz is upside down and the blood runs to your heads) I'm usually not a fan of body drops, mostly because of poor design and execution that is obviously not present here. Very nice. Kudos!


Is that air con pump for the bags??

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very sweet ride, i know u guys have a heck of a time with the registration of custom trucks, because of the laws there, but i don't think u will have any prolems with this truck passing codes..very weel built my friend..:D

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thanks for the props guys, This is my first attempt at customizing a car so I am by no means a pro, I can deffinately see an improvement in my skills since I started that's for sure. And the york is for air supply, no luxuries like air con on this thing or even heat for that matter, the BD wouldn't allow the stock heating unit to fit.


And I will deffinately have troubles with rago as I'm in the only state in aus that doesn't allow any type of mod to the chassis and a million other things, so I guess I fail, I'm just going to try my luck and see how far I get. But I did build it with the intentions of it being safe so if I get done maybe it will live to drive another day in another state.


And update your shit with some pictures grieggy

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2eDeYe;74059']Mike that's a York comp. Oil bath piston driven pump. Works great for on-board air in many applications (4x4's' date=' bagged rides).

You can find them on Volvo's and Jeep Wagoneers.[/quote']


Interesting. There's one on an old Mercedes near hear. It has a Volvo turbo on it. Old Chryslers had piston ones too. I have something in mind that requires an on board kompressor. I guess it has the electric solenoid clutch so it will free wheel?

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Interesting. There's one on an old Mercedes near hear. It has a Volvo turbo on it. Old Chryslers had piston ones too. I have something in mind that requires an on board kompressor. I guess it has the electric solenoid clutch so it will free wheel?


use the factory electro clutch on the compressor rigged to a dash switch. dont see why that wouldn't work.

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DAMN:cool:! That is one sick truck your Building:D! Cant wait too see the Finished work:)! Are you gonna lose the wing windows? You Aussies got all the cool Stuff:cool:!


I would keep em but for the life of me I don't know where to find the rubbers for them, I'm going to have a crack at putting on some from a 720 and the if they fit, but if that doesn't work I'll get the one piece, don't want the cab filling up with water because of shitty brocken and cracked rubber around the 1/4s


im bringing a set of 1 peice doors back for dean when im over there next year!


damn straight you are punk. lol


use the factory electro clutch on the compressor rigged to a dash switch. dont see why that wouldn't work.


or hook it up to a pressure switch, then u don't have to worry about switching it on and off

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Maybe through the brake and clutch switches so it works only when slowing down but not when stopped. Hmmm


What are you trying to do now? :D





Do your happen to remember the distance between you frame and the ground in this pic?



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It's the weekend so I get to work on my baby.


Finished up smoothing a guard, fixed the rust in the front of the bonnet and smoothed the bonnet, and got them in highfill.




Started on the sills but then it was getting dark and cold so I said screw it.

And there is a shot of the lift 4 you guys, the back gets way more than the front but I don't like rake so the range probly won't ever get used and it is only like 100 PSI in there but it gets 10 inches up front




And then I just sat around looking at it thinking about how much I want to drive it already, the anticipation kills me





Peace, more tomorrow

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Not a very picture friendly day today just finished off the sills and block sanded the cab, will be more exciting when I start laying down some colour.




And I'm putting on these 40mm dellortos when the time comes around, hoping to run a lumpy cam aswell, should make for a sweet sound. A side draft carb is all that I can run without having to cut a big hole in the bonnet for a regular carb.




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Yeah, I guess so. I'm in brissy during the week and on the coast on the weekends caus that's where the rig is at. I'm really trying to get the cab painted so that I can get an interior started without worring about spraying paint on it, and I'm in a hurry to get it done caus 1. I want to drive it soo bad and 2. I want to make it to ECC in december

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