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Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

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I bought my 1984 Datsun king cab   4x4   at leo payne Datsun in Denver.   I was 19 years old... my dad co signed for it..  I still have it today and I am 51 years old....dad passed in  1993. but his name is still on the title .....I has almost  280,000  on it now... I really only drive it  about 2500 miles a year now... Most of the time I am on my klr 650,  or my  vlx 600 shadow.....Lately the truck has had a lot of duty because of all the snow we have had here in Colorado.. 14 inches over the weekend.... Except for a few ball joints the entire front end is original... Including the  axles and C V joints..    I have had to use the 4 wheel  drive every day for last 7 days...The old 720 continues to amaze me... You guys have helped me a lot to keep it going over the last 3 years....thanks ....I am not much of a computer guy.... but if you give me a e mail address.. I have some pics on my computer I can E mail.....Jason

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Sweet... a two door 710. We never got two door sedans here, only four door or hardtop. No wagons either:(


My first Datsun was a 710 hardtop SSS which I went to have a look at because the ad in the paper said it was pillarless which sounded cool. I knew nothing about Datsuns and didn't even know what the car looked like until I got there. I loved the shape right away and to this day, the 710 hardtop remains my favourite Datsun. It only had 44k on the clock but was already pretty rusty. It was always totally reliable and that's what sold me on Datsuns more than anything else. I was used to British cars that needed fixing every weekend. This was my first one....




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1966 Datsun 520 single headlight. 1983


Right around my 14th birthday my mom and I went to her friends house to look at her late fathers old pickup that was for sale. Price, $100. Cool! Went back home and stole the battery out of dads Ford, grabbed a tire pump and headed back for my truck. 

I can clearly remember the two of us in that truck trying like hell to keep it running. The carb was so F'ed up that mom had to pull the choke at stop signs so it would keep running. Can't even count how many times it died before we got home. 

Blew my first engine later that year heading to my grandparents house, about 20 miles away, with my sister in the passenger seat. Dad had to come back and get us and drag my ass home. Dad and I rebuilt the little J1300 and she was running again. Blew that one up and ordered a J1500 from Japan. It shows up with two carbs. Being the stupid kid I was, I tossed them. I already had a freshly rebuilt stock carb.  :bye:

I drove that truck till my junior year in high school when my parents bought me a Mustang II for my 18th birthday. It was then parked in the lower driveway till a buddy of mine came and took it away to use it for part for his truck.

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way way back in 1980 or 81. The previous owner had rolled it and the insurance co totaled it. A salvage yard in Rancho Cordova outside sacto had it on their lot.

The car was in pretty bad shape considering it was only 5 years old. Porta powered out the roof and popped a new windshield in it. When i was cleaning out i found

a roach in the ashtray. Musta been some good shiet he was smokin.

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A Tokyo Independent 410 Taxi Cab on the way to Shinjuku Station before the last South Bound train left for Camp Zama!  Yes!  That early! 1962.  I was running late so told the driver "Shinjuku Ecki, Nishi Guchi Hayaku!"  Which meant get me to, the East gate of Shinjuku Station and step on it!  He did!  The 410 taxi fit between two opposing trolly cars with room to spare and got me to the last train with minutes to spare!  I loved the 410 and 411 series from that night on!

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1974 260z. I got it from the original owner back in 1998 when I was 18 years old.


Needed lots of metal work, and a large amount of mechanical work too. I recently dug it out of storage, rebuilt the engine, replaced a bunch of stuff, and have been driving it again!


Oh yeah, there's a build thread on it here too. ;)

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I had been in love with these cars since I was in high school back in the early to mid 70's. I got her in about 1980, this pic is about 15 years later.




This pic is of her now.




I love this car she needs plenty of work. I have never re done the front end or any other work on the rear suspension. It is basically stock except for the manual transmission swap and putting a matchbox distributor on it and the rims and tires. I have parts to do the front end and fix at least the bearing on the passenger side here in the future. Sense the first one I have picked up several other 2 doors and Goons over the years, wish I could have kepted them all.

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