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Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

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21, in 2007 I bought a 1981 Datsun 280zx that I had been eyeballing for 2 weeks going to work everyday until I bought it for $1500 from a tiny car lot in Central Point, Oregon close to my old high school. I was actually looking for a 240z or a 260z because there was a shop a few streets down that had 260z in front sitting for years even before I was in high school even after high school I offered to buy it but guy refused said it was his sons car and was gonna put a V8 in it so I went for the 280zx and drive it home!

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Bought my 510 in may of '06 had a 68 4dr for about a week in '07(and it was free too, had to gibe it back

...) got my super stock 620 kc summer of '12 and just picked up a bone stock '73 610 goon last week.....not bad for a "punk kid" :lol:


Edit: got my first one at 19

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May have been technically before I was born or a few months after I'm not quite sure on the timeline. I know right around the time I was born my Dad bought a B110 for real cheap as it had been in a front and rear fender bender and my earliest car memories are riding in it or my Mom's 510. As soon as I got my license it was officially mine but I had been working on it and driving it long before that.

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I was 25 and it was a 81 280zxt that I picked up for $500. I drove it for a about a year and a half and sold it for $900 after the 3 speed automatic went out on me. Wish I still had the car. Would love to put the engine in my 77 280z.

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My wife, all 5 foot 10 of her, had just passed her driver's  test.  Now came the "what car would she actually fit inside?"  She really wanted a Toyota, but Toyota prep for the North American market had positioned the seats too far to the rear.  Our 1964 Corvair with manual 3 speed transmission was too long in the seat to car pedal footing for her to fit, as was our later  1965 Chevy Nova Wagon.  Guess what! t The 1967 Datsun RL411 was just her size and in our find came with an automatic transmission!  We still have it, and I drive it on an almost daily basis!

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19 or 20. it was a 70 521. It was at a house I went to when I did my mobile detail thing. It was lowered on wide wheels and looked cool. I had no idea what kinda truck it was until I saw the tailgate. I disliked imports very much, but liked that truck a lot. I said hey dude thats a badass truck, he told me $1000 it was mine. I was like woah no shit? i tried to sell my suburban to pay for it. A couple days later a buddy of mine called me and said hey, I got this old truck, come help me work on it. (He is not mechanically inclined). I show up, and see the damn 521. Tried to buy it off him and he said no. Later on he got mad he couldnt get it running right. He put it up for sale, and i couldnt come up with the $$ in time. He sold it to a friend, who got fed up with it and literally gave it back to my friend. I then sold off my s10 i had bought 2 days prior and finally had my 521. the second i tried pulling out of the parking spot, the throttle cable snapped. It fought me from day one, and I daily drove it 50 miles a day for 8 months until it blew a headgasket and I had to sell it. Guy who owns it now is doing a full resto. I have since got another 521. sorry for the novel



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my 67' 520 i was 19 or 20, still have it, drove it until i wrecked it. and now rebuilding it pretty much from the ground up.


first time i had seen one though i was 7 in a thrifty's parking lot with my dad getting ice-cream, 68-73 510 2-4 door it was metallic blue with shiny wheels, i says to my dad what is that i want one of those when i get older, he chuckled and said you don't want one of those, that's a datsun.... find yourself a 65 El camino or early riviera 




In the end...........    :sneaky:

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