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Blown RL411 engine

Datsun Dude

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Thanks for sharing this - just the type of inspiration folks need to keep working on the ones not-quite-road-worthy (mine included)!  Any recent updates?


Also, would you share the spec's on your Panasports and tires; widths, diameter, and wheel offset?  They're perfect in my opinion.


Thanks again,




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On 8/15/2020 at 12:57 PM, Datsun Dude said:


I have part numbers for 2 aftermarket hoses that can be combined to duplicate the function and appearance of the engine block to intake manifold pre heat hose [to the right of the radiator cap in this photo] if you are interested.  PM or request part numbers as reply to this post.

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Update on "Hikari," my Datsun RL411 SSS. Still going strong.


I updated some steering parts and many of the suspension parts: koni shocks, lower ball joints. Still needs tie rods and a drag link. I can find the tie rods but not sure what the hell I'm going to do about a new drag link. They are unobtanium. Perhaps I can pull a better one from a donor car. The new shocks make the ride around these crazy San Francisco streets and my Bay Area road trips a little easier. 


I'd like to replace the sway bar links and all the bushings around the sway bar. A lot of rattle going on when I turn the car to the far left and right as I back the car out of the drive way. Still need to address window rattle too, it still drives me insane.


I have six weeks off work soon, so I hope to finally have the time to work on it a bit. My crazy dream is to drive the car coast to coast. I don't think many people have done that!

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She's having some bad rattle issues now, so I had someone come over to the house to look at it.


Cooling system: Turns out my water pump is broken. WHAT? That thing is supposed to be new. Looks like it was a poorly welded together rebuild job. It's not NOS at all. Well that sucks. I certainly paid the price for a NOS one. 


Fortunately, I have a line on a NOS water pump that will fit and won't cost me a mint. I've already test fitted it. It's an equally rare part coming from the smog version of the R16, but it will work, apparently.


I should have it installed back into the Bluebird in a week or two. Doing some minor clean up and prepping the reinstallation. At least I'll finally have that rare water pump that should last for some years.


Suspension: I'm seeking a drag link to complete my suspension rebuild. Turns out this is yet another rare part. I might have to find one on a vehicle that is parting out. If anyone here knows of or has a drag link, please let me know!

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Water pump from a roadster will fit and function BUT you must pull the fan wheel off the new pump and replace it with the one from the old water pump.  the resulting assembly will look scary with the pump shaft sticking out about an inch [hope you have good engine mounts].  Roadster pumps are more readily available than RL411 water pumps but not too common.  Good luck!  New pumps will almost certainly have stamped impellers not cast iron. That"s the sorry truth.

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On 7/27/2022 at 3:31 PM, MikeRL411 said:

Water pump from a roadster will fit and function BUT you must pull the fan wheel off the new pump and replace it with the one from the old water pump.


Thanks, Mike. It's on there now. She's a runner again! 🙂

Will you be at JCCS this year? Hope so, as I hope to make it this time.

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Crazy rattle noise is not suspension at all! Turns out it is my exhaust that is making all the noise. There are these 2 big ass bushings that hold the pipe to the frame on either side of the drive line on the body. Know 'em? Both of these were toast. I had one built out and now am going to build another.


I stupidly got an oil change at one of those oil change outlets. They put my drain plug back in crooked. It's leaking oil pretty badly now. I am trying to fix that now.


I am going to recore the radiator to attack cooling issues I am having.


Still need to get window channel felt to fix the rattle.


Still looking for the RH Outer Tie Rod to complete my suspension build.

Someone snagged Tana's last one. You snooze, you lose. 😞

If you can help, let me know.


That should keep me busy for a while.



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Oil drain plug - If you have gross thread disruption get a Ford 18 mm sparkplug repair kit and drill out and install the spark plug repair in the oil pan,  Must be Ford. it has a flat mating surface other makes have a tapered spark plug mating surface; Buy a Toyota drain plug in 18mm and install, Use a good synthetic rubber gasket. [I cement the gasket to the oil pan with Permatex sealant to be sure. Bill the idiot oil change for the parts' You will need this repair since no SAE semi-finished helicoil inserts exist to my search to date.  This is essentially a non-tapered pipe thread.


Cooling - Leave the heater on,  It's a built-in auxiliary rabiator.

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