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My 1st Gen. Maxima (New to Forum)


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Not exactly, you are gonna have to figure out the tension rod, but that is the only issue that me and MR. Freezy have found so far. I have thought of a few ways to adapt the assemblies to eachother.

so just to clarify because another maxima owner is adding parts that are needed, the s13 coil overs and lower control arms are all thats needed but there is a slight issue with the tension rods? what is  the problem with the tension rods?

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You need the Knuckle assembly too, brakes, rotors, ect. Yes theresis a problem with adapting the tension rods. The Maxima has the old bolt through rod like Zs have, and the bolt holes on the LCA are perpendicular with the front/rear of the vehicle. The 240sx has a tension rod that bolts to the front tension rod bucket frame, then the bolts on the control arm are diagonal to the car, not perpendicular.


One solution is basically to take both tension rods for both vehicles and adapt them to work together. Or make a small bracket that bolts to the maximas tension rod mount point and allows you to bolt through a slightly shortened  240sx tension rod.

The other option is that you convert the tension rod frame to bucket style like the 240sx, this is expensive but gives you the mount in solution of using JUST the 240sx tension rods with no modification to the rod.


The other option is to buy some 280zx Techno Toy tension rods and take it apart and combine it with a 240sx adjustable tension rod, and make one part out of two.


Theres some options I have brainstormed over the last year of owning this car.

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Verry nice, I like!.


Looks like mine, except brown, lol.

 thanks! the paint is slightly darker than original but I'm happy with it. i was thinking of getting wider wheels and fender flares, keep stock height since its low already, and hopefully eliminate wheel gap like that with good tires

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Okay scratch everything ive ever said on this forum. So here is my plan:

im looking to teade my s14.5 for and s13 with suspension done, hopefully has sr20det. If I get the s13 I will swap the subframe&suspension on to my maxima and plan to swap the engine with an sr20. Ill be keeping my sr20 from s14.5 being that it has a built head and turbo upgrade and sell my s12 for another sr20 because my bottom end is shit due to going about 200mph. If I cant find an s13 before I get the new pink slip for my s12 then ill sell the s12 or trade to get another sr20 and fix my s14.5 instead.

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I think you can still get them from online, try rock auto. or ebay.


Dont sell your car.

I've decided to keep it. I'm too attached to it and would really regret selling it. it serves a great purpose as my daily and the technology it has is very advance for the generation its from. I'm trying to get ahold of that s10 silvia though, trying to sell my s12, then ill be done collecting cars for a while. I really hope i can get that s10, it would be a great accomplishment for me because i thought i would never find one yet alone have a chance to buy it. hoping everything goes well because its already a b**** trying to get it. 

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Your Maxima had that old sender? I thought they all used the spade connector.


The readings are different.

this is actually the first one I've ever replaced so not sure what the difference is. it has 2 wires, which was surprising, so i didn't have to do any splicing.

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my a/c is causing all of the lights on my cluster to go on when its on, any thoughts?

also bitching betty keeps bitching every time i brake to make a stop, its constant bitching now, before she would do it here and there. Always says left door is open, and its my driver door causing it. I've tightened the bolts but didn't help, any input?

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