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            Anyone read through the postings on BringaTrailer? 

I noticed that most of the vehicles shown were either bought

within the last few months/last year,or the seller is either a dealer,

or someone selling it for somebody else (not the owner).

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13 hours ago, angliagt said:

            Anyone read through the postings on BringaTrailer? 

I noticed that most of the vehicles shown were either bought

within the last few months/last year,or the seller is either a dealer,

or someone selling it for somebody else (not the owner).


New or used cars being sold the next year is indicative of poor money management of new young owners and sometimes economic down turns. BaT used to be for private sales. It's no wonder strapped dealers are getting in on it. Someone selling for someone else is a common way to profess ignorance of the vehicles condition or problems with it. "far as I know it was running ok"

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This one is for you Grampa Ashbe, Miss ya. I got my sense of humor from you.
Folks generally aren’t very creative in choosing names for their dogs.
That’s why there are so many named Rover and Spot, so I decided to name mine Sex.
One day, I went to the town hall to get a dog license for Sex. The clerk asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a license for Sex.
He said, “I’d like to have one, too.”
Then, I said, “You don’t understand. She’s a dog.”
He replied, “Look man, I don’t care how she looks.”
“No no, I’ve had Sex since I was 5!”
He replied, “You must have been an early bloomer.”
When I decided to get married, I told the minister I wanted to have Sex at the wedding. He told me I’d have to wait until after the wedding.
When I protested that Sex had played a big part in my life and that my whole life revolved around Sex, he said he didn’t want to hear about my personal life.
After my wife and I got married, I took Sex with us on honeymoon. When we checked into the hotel, I told the clerk that I wanted a room for my wife and wanted one for Sex.
She replied, “Sir, every room in the hotel can be used for sex.”
I said, “You don’t understand. Sex keeps me awake at night.”
The clerk said, “Me too!”
When my wife and I separated, we went to court to fight for custody for Sex. When I told the Judge I had Sex before I was married, he grinned and said, “Me too.”
One day Sex and I took a walk and he ran away from me. I spent hours looking until I came across a policeman , who asked what I was doing in the alley at midnight.
I told him, “I’m looking for Sex!”
My case comes up next Tuesday.
Now that I’ve been thrown in jail, married, divorced and had more trouble with that dog than I ever imagined, I’m in counselling. My psychiatrist asked me what my problem was.
I said, “Sex has left my life. It’s like losing a best friend and I’m so lonely.”
He said, “Look, you and I both know that sex isn’t man’s best friend, get a dog.
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a story from Rexburg Idaho. Fuck, bet that was some ass kicking weed cause they went total stupid. Watch the video. 


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A lady friend ate some laced cookies once, accidentally. Eating takes up around an hour or more to be digested and the effects are extremely slight to start, and increase over time. So much so that you can find yourself quite immersed before it registers on you. Poor girl not knowing any better thougt maybe she had had a stroke or medical emergency. Hospital detected high levels of THC and calmed her down.   

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That's funny mike, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of my first time eating a mary jane brownie.

It was back in 1974, went to a party in an old town of 12, just outside of the town limits.

Anyways, a friend comes up and says, want one, of course I was cause I love brownies not thinking it was laced.

As I was sitting in the circle of friends in the living room, I slowly started to lean to my right, when all of a sudden I caught

my self by extending my right arm out to the floor just right before all most falling out of the chair. I slowly brought my self up right and realized

what had just happen. Thought I'm so Fnn high that I better go out and sit in my car and try to come down a bit so I wouldn't look like a fool later

that evening. Welp, got into my 65 GTO Iris mist and sat there thinking that the car in front of me was a little close in front of me so I started the Goat up, put it in gear, and release the clutch to only go forward and ran into the car in front of me. Shit, people came outside to see what the noise was all about. I got out and explained to everyone

what had happen, we all had a good laugh and went back in the house and party till the sun came up. Good times and great friends.


today I've eating brownies from friends and they warn me to only eat one. Got to say, I'm not impressed with the quality  of weed today. Back in the 70 to the 90's I've sold some 1 toke to 3 toke and your on your ass shit. Lots of my old school pot smokers agree, weed today is not that great.  

Think it's GMO crap ? 



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Here the opposite is true. Weed is 100x (so I hear, but the take away is that it is MUCH stronger) more potent than the 70s. Down the road is an experimental lab and greenhouse where different strains are bread and tested for strength and contents. Each greenhouse has back up generators and there are multiple fences and security guards up the yin yang. Legally sold in town and are more prevalent that dollar stores. We are legally allowed to grow 4 plants every year per family and only have to be out of sight from the street.  


If someone had told me that when I was a senior you could buy bud I would have said.. smoke another one.

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On 1/24/2022 at 11:30 AM, datzenmike said:

Maybe he's just built up a tolerance like Snoop....

well Snoop does own a 1968 510 Datsun wagon also. maybe we be like bro's, lol 

I've been told my fats cells are full of THC, that why I can't get as high today, them fat cell greedy mofoers. lol

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1 hour ago, 420n620 said:

well Snoop does own a 1968 510 Datsun wagon also. maybe we be like bro's


He owned a 510 wagon at one time, but does not appear to currently.


The orange wagon from his album cover was rented for the shoot from my friend Randy👍





It's kinda weird to look at that album cover and think "I drove that car to JCCS once"...  😋

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