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Walked into the back yard to see the Lord of the Manor at the height of his usefulness. He has no interest in the daily labors of a serf like myself.




one of the Walmart specials decided to bloom today.




Wife brought me Church's Fried Chicken for lunch. Suddenly, I existed.





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I am so glad I decided to move to the foothills of western virginia.  From here I can watch the sea rise each passing year.  My two dogs keep the gremlins from attacking the house although they have made friends of the deer that eat my peaches.  My wife puts up with my eccentricities.  Can't ask for anything more!  Sometime I may even have the time to work on my junk cars.

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            Saw this on the side of a business in Boones Mill,Virginia,

a notorious speed trap.

           They have 170 people there,& three cops on the force.

They've had Camaros,& even a newer GTO in their fleet. 


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The deer doesn't give a shit about wabbits and this was only self serving. Her young are also in danger from raptors. I see eagles every day and they can snatch very small dogs and unwary cats. Females can lift 3 pounds or more, but briefly. They might not lift a small faun but would fuck it up trying if they couldn't.

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Why dont my brakes work?








Pins were seized and only the inside pad was working, for a while.  You can see in the pic above what it did to the inside rotor thickness.  Who ever owned this poor sequoia was a dunce.  We bought it for a parts vehicle but quickly made it run tits.  Now to make it stop.




Was reading an article on Kinsella since he is the rage with the field of dreams game last night.  Spotted that beauty while reading.  I squealed on the shitter when I saw it.  lulz


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Maybe.... check the brakes over every 5 years.


Our '97 Econoline work van got a flat. I pulled over and got the tire off to find one side of the rotor gone, just the vent ribs showing. The pad material was long gone and the metal backing plate was doing the job. I swear it never made a sound, never pulled to one side, there were zero symptoms. If not for the flat tire we would have never known. The guy at the shop tried to gently give me shit about it. I explained there was nothing out of the ordinary about the brakes and no reason to look or have it checked or we would have. (naturally we drive it till something fucks up then get it fixed, not much preventive maintenance back then)

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