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Wasn’t sure if they were saying he was just right-handed - and that was part of the problem?


It seemed more likely that that they were just commenting on the hand he preferred to reach ecstasy with and that was a problem.


Important to know.


If the second, I’m gonna make sure I switch to my left and avoid whatever the problem is with using the right.

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42 minutes ago, thisismatt said:

Cleveland Indians changing their name to Guardians...



These guys will take offense to the misuse of their name and the insult to their people.



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Indians are from India. How in the wide wide world of sports can native Americans be offended by a baseball team named Indians?????? Methinks it's the loony left, hand wringing cry babies who want to tear everything down that are behind this. Fuck you Cleveland for knuckling under to these crybaby assholes. Ten points if you instead change the name to the Cleveland Natives, Or Cleveland Native Americans. Fuck me.





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But they didn't know they were using Indian from India. They thought they were using Chief Wahoo.






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Mailman brought me something that made the grand critter abandon her digital devices.






She twisted and tweaked the two nozzles until she had the thing rotating with just one arm spraying and missing her entirely as she lay under it. She was quite proud of herself BTW.

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Nope that is a bad ass Pontiac wagon. Look at the reflection in that paint. My friend wouldn't tell me for years how much it cost. He finally told me well over ten grand. I was at his place and he dropped a ladder on the car. He cried like his baby died.

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Netflix was out filming Stranger Things just across the street las week.

Had this big ass boom. It is about 75 to 100 feet from where I took this pic to where the road is. Then there is another lot between the road and where the property they were filming on. So maybe 200-300 feet from where I was standing.



That bright ass light is even farther away than the boom is.



Lit the house up like a savage.



Gave the missus and I a chance to play some shadow fun. The Zia sign shadow that you see to the right of us is at the end of our driveway.


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51 minutes ago, thisismatt said:

What's your wife grabbing? 🧐🤔

Well, she can be a bit handsy sometimes.😉


She sez that is going on our Christmas card this year. Righteous.

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