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This reminds me of something....oh yeah, I remember. Pretty much every car that ventured into a certain part of Syria. But, for the real like effect, you would have to drive it as fast as it would go over rough terrain while your buddies open fire on it. Ahhhh, good times.

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Came back from playin' in the mud and started shedding some hardened tears..........


........................then the air bag went off.............NOT expecting that........no battery in the car..........just hit the right spot I guess.........














We started aiming for the passenger one............couldn't get it to go.........





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My truck kept up with a lot but I wasn't gonna try this...............



This is why you get a land cruiser with locking diffs  :P

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I was walkin round facebook, and there is this online Car modder i play around on, and last night.... THEY ADDED THE 510!!!!! i was stoked.


SSS coupe, both 2dr and 4dr sedans, and wagon comes next week sometime. as of now you can just do 68' or SSS tail lights, and only an SSS grille... and no L-series... but it is a work in progress. 

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got some new storage 

20 foot shipping container for parts

19' 8 by 7' 8 so we built 3 foot deep shelves in the back and 2' deep shelves on the sides lots of storage 

built some shelves and now I need to fill it IN AN ORGANIZED WAY 




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I should have taken a day time pic but this is the outside photobucket-15113-1393134541233_zps20fa4

I had to shift the front 16 inches one way and the back 16 inches the other way 

I used this photobucket-24127-1393134579165_zps920d9

then I pushed it 18 inches back with my f350 4x4 

it weighs about 5700 LBS 

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I took my rack off my truck over 2 months ago because it broke the bed all up for thew second time 

this time I left it off till I could support the bed rails 

my friend Cameron came over and helped me all day, he did all the welding as he does it for a living and is much better at it than I am 

we cleaned the bed out which was a chore in itself then we built these braces now it feels like it is mounted to the frame of the truck 



its hard to see but there is a 3/8 plate above this 1 1/4 pipe notched in the corner to spread the load




3/8 x 5 inch plate to sandwich the top rail of the bed for the rack bolts



round corner posts and a 2 inch square tube across the bottom of the bed  photobucket-7719-1393226934321_zpsd465b6photobucket-8340-1393226946656_zpsfe8ae8

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I was in The City yesterday with my cheeeldrenz and went through a stop sign.........I guess the cab behind me and the car coming from the other street felt that they didn't need to stop.....


"That didn't sound good, Daddy." says my daughter as shrapnel from the accident hit my back window.......that's how close it was...... :sweat:




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Here is my random work related post. Well, maybe more of a rant? Anyways...


Four months ago I started working for Autozone part-time as a commercial delivery driver. I put about 100-200 miles per day on the 2013 Chevrolet Colorado 4cylinder, automatic transmission pickup we have taking parts to shops... and I HATE IT! Awful, harsh, bumpy ride. Even smooth fresh pavement feels like a washboard dirt road! I have literally broken this thing in personally, first outing with it was me with 14 miles on the odometer, it has over 7000 now. I have played with the tire pressure, recommended on door is 35PSI, I even dropped it to 28 which made the TPMS light come on, NO DIFFERENCE in ride. Handling is awful, this thing takes curves like an empty 18 wheeler! Body sway from hell! And no power, the variable valve timing lags too much, slow until it gets almost to redline, then ZOOM... for TWO SECONDS until upshifting.  I am not lying, my 1980 720 rides and handles better, and it is 34 years old! And I keep my tires at 36PSI. And it feels more powerful as well.


They also have an 08 Ford Ranger with over 60,000 miles and it rides and handles a lot better.


I know the old sayings about a truck riding like a truck, but this thing is awful! As a technician I have driven work trucks that were not only neglected but beaten to death, even larger dump trucks, and this is by far the worst truck I ever drove or ridden in! And I am not the only one, I have heard complaints from a lot of other employees, both at my store and other Autozone stores I have visited.


After driving this thing daily I am so happy to get in my Datsun and drive it home! I wouldn't recommend a GM truck to anyone!


It looks exactly like this one for those who may wonder...



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