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General cost of rebuilding a L20b...?

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Awhile back a guy up here sold off his datsun collection. From it I got about 4 blocks (1 L20b, 1 L18, 1 L16 and the other one is waaayy too rusted to tell), two peanut heads, a couple intakes, carbs, etc.


My current L16 leaks oil HORRIBLY, so not only is it (likely) contaminating everything, but I'm spending much too much $$$ on oil.


My question is besides gaskets, timing chain, and piston rings, what else will I need to replace and approx. how much will it run...?


I've never rebuilt any engine before, but it seems like a datsun is a good place to start, especially after "browsing through (haven't read it cover-to-cover yet)" the book "How to rebuild your Nissan and Datsun OHC engine"


The book doesn't cover cost or time, and I know those things vary the most, but an approx. idea would be really helpful...? Might get me motivated to get started...?


Or maybe I just need to get a V-6 :D:rolleyes:

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