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my 68 521 project


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I just recently bought my 521 back from Tangent...


i am in the process of collecting parts i need before sending it to paint...


I just got some new tail lights...




i have ordered some new front and rear window seals so that i can have the windows removed when they paint...


things i still need:

gas door

dash top (think i have a 520 one found)

68 driver fender

driver door rocker panel


stuff for after paint:

grill (want a perfect one)

trim around grill

bumperettes (eventually)

bench seat

sound deadening


stereo (kenwood kcd-7000, 5.25" fronts, custom sub box 10" low profile sub and 200watt amp)

new door seal

new window felts

new locks

new ignition

rewire engine bay and dash (incorporate wiring for Veypor, AC, Brake controller, and Audio)

aftermarket AC :)


anyway it will be a long road... but i am starting with the body... i need to make it perfect again :)


here is a pic for those that dont remember the truck :)



it is going back to blue (asian blue 576 i believe) maybe even adding a pearl...




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2eDeYe;73719']Tangent is doing well I hope. :)


Glad to see this one back on the board :D


yeah... he is making room in the garage for woodworking tools...


i am glad to have it back... and it stops now :)




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