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kick ass vacation

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So we just got back last night from a 10 day vacation in Hawaii. I have never been anywhere tropical in my life and I must say it was hard to leave.

We spent 2 days in Maui and then the rest at sunset beach north shore Oahu. The house there is owned by Christian Lassen who is famous for super cheesy paintings of dolphins.

The place was rented by my wifes brother who got married there on 8-8-08. Altogether it was a great relaxing vacation but now its back to work and life as usual.

I saw this 510 at the Maui aquarium. I also saw a white 620 in Maui and another yellow 510 at sunset beach on the way out of town.

We also owe a ton of thanks to Datdoug for being a great friend and driving us to and from the airport.





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Been to Kauai a couple times and stayed with a friend both times. It's awesome, especially when you're more with the locals and not the tourist crowd. If you go to Kauai and don't spend any time doing at least some long day hikes you're completely missing out. Kalalau is easily one of the best, if not the best, hikes I've ever been on (x2).







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i wanted to go on a hike or two but i couldn't get away long enough. but i did drive around the island and see some beautiful sights. wanted to hit glass beach but i couldn't find it. oh well. maybe next time. so we spent some of the time just relaxing. where we stayed had a sand bottom pool and hot tub. nice to relax in at night and read. we went in early december so the temps were perfect for my likeing. 80* weather and i was comfortable. a hard thing for me to be. someday i will go back adn island hop. i want to see all the sights and drive every island. hell maybe just drive and find the sights along the way :D

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I just got back from family business on Oahu. The nickel ads had a 2 for 1 510 deal. One looked like a runner and one was parts. $2K. They ARE they, but they're hard to find, expensive and probably have rust.


Also saw a gold roadster (WHOA!) in Waipahu and, just as I was slowing down to get a better look, a blue dime passed me. :)

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Lived on O'ahu from 1977-1989. Honeymooned in Hana. Never planned to leave. I tan dark, used to speak passable Pidgin and be crazy like loco boys (I'd swim in the Ala Wai after canoe practice! :eek: )


However, crazy crowded-expensive-no jobs, and my green-eyed blonde wife had plenty problems with locals, so we moved to Washington State.


The only way I'd go back and live there was if I didn't have to work.


Definitely miss living in slaps and shorts. Almost 20 years in the Great PacificNW Rain Festival...sigh...


Sure could go for some shave ice w/ black bean from Matsumotos in Haleiwa. :D

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Lots of Datsun have been in Hawaii. Was in Maui 3-4 years ago visiting and scared the heck out of a local when I yelled & screamed for him to pull over in his Datsun 521. When he pulled over he was thrilled to talks datsuns.


Here is an old newspaper article and photo from 1967 of my old CSP311 Silvia which owned in Hawaii by Elroy Goto (Former NIssan Race Car Driver)







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