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New Folkracecar...

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oki some mor pics..... and some films!
This is from the summer...

It went ok until the headgasket broke.... So we changed it!



This contest was going oki untill i was facing the wron way....



This went ok... The black volvo broke the gerabox....

This was oki until i did not get past the brokendown volvo.....


This went oki

This went oki until the electric broke down....


As you can se i have been unlucky in on the track somtimes....

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Oki its sort of winter in sweden so i have started on the next car....



I´m keeping the engine so it needs some protektion...



Reinforcing the front and more room for the wheels





You can see the simularitys whit the last build....

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Hey Gothicteo is that just a single cam 8 valve 2.3 or 16 valve motor ? and a 5speed of course , I had a 190e 1985 5spd sold it cheap .

It is a 8v engine because the 16v engins are to expensiv.... We are on a tight budget.... We have to sell the car after the race for 850usd if soeone wants it....

Its realy hard to build a competetiv car under 1000usd....  the black one is 15000usd in just buildingcost.... so i use ever litel tip and part i can use to ceep the cost down

4 or 5 speed gearbox is irelevant becaus we only use gear 1-3..... The track is designed to keep speed under 80kph (50mph?)

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I guess you can't beat up those motorcycle carbs in the wash boards of the race track ! , I have seen off road cars with Ford 2.3 motors here with Mikuni carbs for the same reason , I still have a 2.3 MB motor here and an automatic trans on it ,I need to sell it.

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The update of the week!


An extra bracket.... Made by a bent volvo panhard.....


The rollcage is finaly ready....


Just testing.....




No springs..... Nice for a roadcar but no go on the dirt track. But now i know there is enouth room for the wheels!



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