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Bagged and BD 67 V520


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After working on the old girl flat out during January, I have been a little burnt out and surfing rather than touching the 520. Last weekend i spent a couple of hours pulling the engine out. Today i spent 1/2 a day buzzing off surface rust, sanding the body and putting some etch primer down. 



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It has been way too long since an update of anything substantial, this update is probably is no different. I have been sanding down the body and modifying/rebuilding the wiring harness, not much to show, but still progress.


A photo from this evening for good measure.  


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I am not planning on taking the whole car back to bare metal when i repaint, however the guards were in really bad shape. I will also be taking my doors back, as i am using my old 520 doors that are covered in "rust" Paint



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I always look forward to seeing progress on your build.  The tedious parts are the hardest to power through, but it looks like you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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Spent some time over the last couple of days stripping the 2 doors and the drivers side guard. Still have a fair amount to strip to finish the inside of the door.





Bare metal is so damn sexy. 


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I have noticed that most of my links to my build photos are broken. I have started a Instagram build @datsun_v520 if anyone would like to see catch up on my old photos. 


As of this afternoon both doors are now striped inside and out. I need to finish off the nooks on the passenger front guard. Next on the to do list is strip the tailgate and the bonnet. The Bonet sat on the front end for the first time in over 2 years, I will need to find a manifold and SU to keep the bonnet from going under the knife. 

No idea what paint went on the bonnet, i have given it 2 coats of paint stripper and it has barely touched the paint. 



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This Sunday started with jacking up the rear end, whipping off the Intros and stone guarding the rear wheel tubs. The day finished with trying on the other set of shoes that I scored off a mate for a couple of cartons of beer. Brand new steelies and what I believe are some old Ford hubcaps. The Hubcaps are amazing, the rims are going to get a fresh powder coat in an undecided colour. 




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Well it looks like all the links off Facebook have changed again. If you would like to see any of the older posts check out my Instagram Datsun_V520


A few updates, The rear upper tailgate was totally fucked, rusted almost beyond repair. I had to pass it onto a hot rodding mate to help fabricated the lower sections, due to the complex curves, I did not get any before shots, but trust me the bare steel section is completely new. I got it back and replaced the lower corners. 





Started to bolt the doors and the guards back on for the first time since I cut the floor out for the body drop, did the front tubs and put on the 520 single headlight rad support. Gaps are looking fairly good with minimal tweaking thus far. 
Doors were originally from my 520 truck, door sills off the 520 truck, 1/2 lower front guards are both from the truck and every panel has had a fair amount of welding, so there is a bit to tweak.  probably start swearing, cutting and welding once i start trying to get them spot on.



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Stock steering shortened approx 3", seat moved back 4", seat lowered 3" and a little trimming to the brake/clutch/steering mount. Looks like my lanky 6'5 ass might actually fit back in this little Datto

Bonus points for the badass stock steering wheel still fitting




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Following on instagram @datsun_v520 you may have already seen these 


Decided to start lifting the wheel arches 50mm, will allow me to drive 50 mm lower on my 19s. Win Win


Marking out the first cuts




Decided masking tape gave me clean lines



mock up



Bought a new 9'6' that will look bad ass on the roof once this is one day finished



Started tacking this arvo in a spare hour, then got stuck into my 7.5% West Coast US IPA, that I have also been working on for a fair while... The day job.... 




Time to burn the rest in...


Ride hight on 19s


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