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goodness i need money. please buy...

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good condition L16 bottom end - 25 bucks complete [i NEED GONE NOW!]

good condition L18 bottom end - 50 bucks complete [i NEED GONE NOW!]

L16 210 head - 25 bucks complete

L18 A87 head - 20 bucks (no cam or towers)

stock 4-speed manual trany - 45 bucks complete


aftermarket electric engine fan - 25 bucks


x1 rear sedan door panel - 10

x1 pair of aftermarket mirrors - 5

x1 72 510 gauge bezel - 15

x1 510 window roller handle - 5

x1 510 inside door latch handle - 5

x1 beat to crap front drivers door (4 door sedan) good glass and handle. 20 for whole


email e.dakota@hotmail.com if you need pictures. i leave for a mission trip tomorrow and won't be back until the 22nd, so if you're interested now then call 425-770-6876 and come get by 6 tomorrow night. other than that you'll have to wait until i get back and i'll get back to you.


thanks so much, Dakota

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