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dawa's 720 leaf springs into 620 swap

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sorry for any confusion. you can use all 620 bushings, i just found that it was cheaper to go ES. i did some real deep digging,

called some nissan stores that have old stock datsun stuff, and the oem stuff is more monies

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10-4, makes perfect sense now. Thanks again for the awesome writeup sir. Will be C notching and dumping my 620 another 1.5 shortly!

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Awesome ok since I have a 72 datsun 620 all stock suspension and height but I want to lower my baby 620 pretty low so what I need is a pair of any year 720 4x4 rear leafsprings (or what specific year I need to buy from the 720 4x4) only from 1983,1984 or must be 1985 and up?


2nd question its highly recommended to use the 720 shackles and ES/Energy Suspension bushings for the 720 shackles and the bolts as well from the 720 or there's no problem to use the shackles and bolts from the 620 and must be ES/ energy suspension bushings for 620 shackles if I'm going to use the shackles from my 620.


If you can help me out with this questions I'll appreciate thanks man I'm a newbie I have my first datsun 620 and I don't want to fuck it up installing swapping the wrong parts.

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Hi, I think in some sense these questions mightve been answered already, but ill do my best.


1. Any year 720 springs will work as long as it is a 4x4 truck

2. You can use 620 bushings but theyre expensive as hell. Best to get and install the 720 shackles, buy 720 bushings and drill the 720 front bushings to fit the 620 front bolt sleeve.



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any hope of reuploading the pictures on here? I am attempting to get the bushings and want to make sure all is well

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