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Dave's truck changed color!!


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And it was totalled on December 7, 1975!! This photo is from My collection from a 35mm slide that Dave Bednarczyk took of His truck in Escondido in 1974. You guys might remember Dave's truck was green. This photo was taken before the flares were molded in and it was pinstriped by Bobby Kossey. Somebody in Japan has used the photo for this poster!! Cool!!!

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Is this photo in Our gallery section? I cann't remember. That photo was taken in front of Dave Daniel's house. He was another SCDP member with a red 620. It was taken pretty close prior to Our first run in May 1975. After that Dave shaved the hooks, molded in the flares and it was pinstripped by Bobby Kossey. Crazy that it showed up over there!! I am totally digging the Maniac refrence! That is a term Makoto "coined" to Us at Resolutions. He called Us that during a photo shoot with Him. What a cool saying!!

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Here is a Japanese link to that magazine. I thought that it was a poster but it is not. It is a magazine. Some are supposed to be coming My way, I hope. Here on Yahoo Japan is an auction for one. BID NOW!!!




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