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Are these seats the same?

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OK guys, I've been looking for 411 lowback seats for awhile now:) But got a tip from a forum member to try Roadster/Fairlady seats:)! I found a pair of 1966 roadster seats in San Bernadino County:D. I was curious, These seats look very much alike, But are they the same in size(Lowback):confused:.

Any and all help will be much appreciated:) I want to go check them out this weekend:)! Thanks! Jason.

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I have no idea, to tell the truth, but it seems to me like the roadsters were all low-backs... Or, at least from what I've been able to tell off pictures. I've got a pair of '69 510 seats for my truck, and as far as I'm concerned they're lowbacks, so it makes sense to me that the other late sixties models should be the same. I just had to remove the headrest (two posts that slide into the back of the seat). Maybe try calling the guy and asking him if the headrest comes off, and if he could measure the total height from the base of the seat to the top of the backrest. HTH.

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hi guys, I have both cars so I can take measurements if you like. The 410/411 cars had two different seat versions, one was rounded and one was squared off. Just happen to have a 411 seat right here in my living room, I know silly, isn't it? Ok, the 411 seat back is 20" from base of seat to top of back. The 411 seat back is 20" wide.


The Roadster seat is 19" high from base to top of seat back. Raodster seat is only about 14" wide at the top and taper to about 20" across (wider) towards the seat base.


How's that for info?

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