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My grandfather had one of those flatpanel jeeps in his backyard in Hana Maui Hawaii.

It was in the bushes in 1980 due to lack of parts/money. Im sure its one with the earth now.


Those Mitshibitshi Jeeps if that guy is imported/selling them in Atanta I would think there would be a place that sells them in the westcoast area as it being a EZer shipping route(ports) and alot of NW Jeepers up here for a high demand rig.


I dont know the avail of Mitshibishi deisel parts?


I think it would be ezer to get these than retubbing a flatfender.


jeff Hino ran into a guy importing those Madmax Ford falcons. Its in fife tacoma area


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That Mad Max guy is out of Tacoma I believe. He has a warehouse/museum there somewheres. I'd love to check it out someday. :D


Re-tubbing a flatty would be fairly easy depending on how origional you want it. There was an aluminum tub on CL right last week. :cool:


Would the deisel in that be the same as the mitsu box truck deisel?

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Unimogs, or the Bombardier Iltis/VW Type 183: Here. I was aiming to get one last year, but it didn't work out. Little 1500 cc gasoline engine, 4 speed manual with a super low 7.xx:1 cross-country gear, water resistant engine and drivetrain will go through about two feet of water without preparation, and I think it can be pretty much submerged by taking a few minutes to add a snorkle and completely waterproofing the engine. Hard and soft doors and tops, fold-down windscreen, four-seater, etc... I think it's gotta be one of the neatest little trucks I've ever seen (apart from the Datsuns, of course).

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