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Twisted Images Bagged, Body Dropped, & Rotary Powered 510

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Right on. Yeah that's Bel Air's parking lot. Do you know if the club has a set schedule for that location? That's very close to my home & I'd love to check it out.  




Looks like they meet every Sunday in that parking lot at 8.  I may be going to Euro Sunday at the California Automobile Museum this weekend, though- not sure yet!

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I scored a really clean hood a while back, so I figured I'd bolt it on to see how it looks.


I HATE it.  I don't think it's just the orange, either- I think I hate the idea of covering up the engine bay!

Which sucks, because I LOVE how the front end looks with the peak of the hood and all of the trim surrounding the grille and headlights.


UGH- I'm torn.

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Was actually thinking of suggesting this, or I think I remember seeing a truck on here that the owner cut just the front of the hood off and mounted that, leaving the engine exposed.  Looked pretty trick.


I mean, you already ruined a perfectly good 510, why not ruin a perfectly good hood, too?  :rofl:

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I thought about just installing the front 6" or so of a hood, but I'm not completely sold on that idea.  I'm hoping James has a hood that's worthy of cutting up- this one is a bit too nice.

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Damn, do you wanna sell that Sacramento Turner Datsun license frame?


That's my last name ;).

Your last name is Sacramento?? Crazy!


This frame is staying with the car, but I think there's a pair of Turner Datsun frames on eBay right now!

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This weekend was over 100 degrees both days, but I powered through it and got into the garage Saturday and went to a show all day Sunday!


I picked up a Corbeau harness so I can be one step closer to having a "safe" car - I only bought one for now since I wasn't sure about mounting and the look.  Installation was easy, and I like how it looks, so I guess I'll be grabbing another for the passenger side!



In preparation for a hot show day, I pulled one of my bikes and installed the roof basket so I could bring a cooler and some chairs.  I found this vintage Coleman cooler on Craigslist- kind of goes with the look.



Inside, I taped an aluminum panel over the radio hole and stuck my air ride controller onto it with Velcro. The cable passes through a hole on the side so I can pull it off as needed.



I also washed and detailed the Mini, since I was able to bring both cars out.

The show was a lot of fun- good mix of cars and trucks, but I was the only 510 out there (Victor left his wagon at home and drove his S10 instead).





I took home Best of Show for the 510, which was a total surprise!  And as an added bonus, it made the trip home without overheating- good to know the cooling system can handle traffic on a 105 degree day.


Here's a quick video from leaving the show- I mounted the GoPro on the rear bumper so you can hear the exhaust better.

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What upper bar are your shoulder harnesses attached to?


There's a bar directly behind the seat that it wraps over, then down to the floor.  It's about an inch below the height of the top of the seat, so I'll be adding a riser bar to raise it up.  Safer than no belts for now, though!

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Cool. Just be sure they are at less than a 45 degree angle coming out of the back of the seat. To much angle and you get severe spinal compression upon impact.


Congrats on the win by that way!

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This has more angle, but it's running over the top of a cage bar so it won't pull me down.  I've seen some scary harness setups before- not trying to hurt myself MORE than no seat belts at all!

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Aired out burnouts! No need for brake application. Awesome work

Airing it out all the way would have been cheating! And probably bad for the halfshafts...


But I DID pull the clevis for my rear brake master cylinder off, so only the front brakes were on- ghetto line lock action!

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I was digging around a bit online, and came across the Dime Quarterly issue that featured FAR Performance - with more pictures of the Walt Maas race car that my 510 was patterned after!








There's even mention of the dealer-prepped cars that were sold- wish I knew if there are any others still out there!



And the best part- color photos!





If and when I finally get around to doing bodywork and paint on my car, these photos will be nice to have for reference.


Here's the link to the issue, if anyone wants to read more about the racing history:


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Well, it was an eventful weekend... 


The plan: knock out a couple of quick mods, load up the car, and head out to the Datsick show in San Jose.


I'm never going to run wipers on this car- if it's raining, I'm not driving!  So, no sense in leaving wiper holes in the cowl panel, right?  



Still some body work to do on the panel, but for now the concept is there.  I also started experimenting with painting on the Gilmer belt.  If this paint holds up I'll do something more colorful in the future.  I saw this on a bunch of choppers running exposed primary belts, and thought it looked cool.


So, with that done and a quick check of nuts and bolts, I loaded up the car and a bunch of parts and got ready to hit the road!



Got about 30 minutes from the show on Sunday morning and decided to pull over just to check straps- 680 is a TERRIBLE road.  Glad I pulled over when I did, because THIS happened:



My best guess is that the half shaft over-extended (I tow with the car lifted up pretty high), came apart in the center, and flung around until it broke off.  Tore out my brake lines, banged up the resonator, shock, trailing arm, and the inside of the wheel, but fortunately no body damage.  The caliper held the wheel on, since the inner flange of the stub axle got ripped out - this could have been WAY worse!


So, I pulled the car off the dolly, and waited for AAA.



My buddy Victor had a few big tows left on his account, so we had it towed to the show- figured maybe I could find some of the parts I need to get it back together.




My junk parked next to Victor's clean '68 wagon




AAA got the car back home safely - long day overall!



So, I've had fun with this car for the past couple of months, but it's time to change some stuff up!


I hurt the engine last month by over-revving it - the MSD box has a rev limiter for the leading spark plugs, but nothing keeps the trailing plugs from lighting off... I MAY have gone to about 12,000 rpm once, and now the car smokes when starting up.  Gonna pull it out and see what needs fixing!

While the engine is out I'll do some cleanup work in the engine bay.


Out back, aside from repairs I'll have to play around with axles to see what works best- that rear end wasn't designed for the amount of travel I have, so possibly shorter shocks to limit droop travel... 

I've got some inner trunk panels designed, so while everything is apart I'll make all of the structure to get those installed.


Built it, break it, fix it - that's how it goes sometimes, right?  I'm looking at this as an opportunity to make the car better - if nothing broke I'd never want to take it apart and improve it!

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Was following the chronicals on Instagram, sorry about the issues, but man what  Datto!

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Was following the chronicals on Instagram, sorry about the issues, but man what  Datto!


The issues are part of the learning experience.  I really want to get the car to a point where I can hop in and drive to a show a couple hours away, but the only way that will happen is by putting miles on it.  We'll get there!

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The issues are part of the learning experience.  I really want to get the car to a point where I can hop in and drive to a show a couple hours away, but the only way that will happen is by putting miles on it.  We'll get there!

got to look this over in person at the show 

great fab work and looks sick 

maybe limit straps would be better than stressing a shorter shock when extended 

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