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Twisted Images Bagged, Body Dropped, & Rotary Powered 510

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Three out of 4 is all you need on the diff. too..........



I mean, the 510 came from the factory with only TWO!  I'm 50% better than almost all the others on the road!   :rofl:

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looks amazing. A bit of coin wrapped up in all that braided brake line and fitiings. 


It definitely adds up!  I put the brake system together in stages, though, so it doesn't really FEEL like I spent as much...

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Even though it isn't the best quality, I wanted to share the first drive!



I didn't have my gas pedal connected at this point, so I just idled out of the garage.  But that still counts, right?  I was in a rush to get it "on the road" for 5/10 Day!

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I got the gas pedal and cable hooked up a couple days ago, so I've been able to actually drive the car!  I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's driven under its own power since the late 80s, since the tags expired in 1990.


First impression?  Hard to say- I couldn't hear ANYTHING over the exhaust noise!  I thought it was bad in my garage with no load- I thought it couldn't possibly get any louder.  I was wrong... so wrong.

Short of the starting line at a drag strip, I don't think I've ever heard a car as loud as a fully un-muffled rotary!


I don't think my neighbors have heard anything that loud, either- I got a nasty look from one of them when I came home from my first drive to the gas station and back.  So, in the interest of neighbor relations and for the sake of my hearing, I installed a Supertrapp to take the edge off.




It's WAY quieter now at low RPMs, but it still roars as you wind it out- should be perfect for getting out of my neighborhood without being lynched!


For now, I'm just taking short trips to make sure nothing falls off and that I don't get stranded somewhere.  But so far so good!


I've still got a few more projects to do on the car, so it still belongs here in Project Datto for the time being.  These cars are never truly "done" anyway, right?



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Great update! I feel you on the noise. My daughter is embarrassed to be picked up from school in my ratty 4-door. But she says it isn't because of how the car looks (and it looks almost as ratty as yours) but it is because of how loud it is. LZ22 with headers and a glasspack. I try to tell her is is that loud by design, but she thinks that is just bad design, lol. and it echos off the school buildings!

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This weekend was full of small projects.  I cut and bent up some foot pads for my pedal assembly, got them welded on, and covered them with grip tape.  The position ended up perfect- love the feel of the floor mount pedal setup.  




I cleaned up some wiring under the hood and connected my front side marker lights.  Adjusted my steering column out a bit so I'm not reaching as far to hold it.


Other than that, I've just been trying to drive the car a bit more- lots of short trips to shake it down and see what falls off!  On Saturday I drove it back to its "birthplace" - Miles' house!




The 510 made this trip a few times on a trailer, but getting it there under its own power was definitely an achievement!  

I took my friend Matt for a drive, and he got some video:



I haven't had a chance to dial in the timing or the carb settings, so the throttle feels fairly "flat" - it'll accelerate and get into the high RPMs, but it never feels like it's building more power.  Now that I know it doesn't overheat and I can get it to idle, I'll start messing with it a bit more.


Yesterday, I cleaned the garage and started collecting leftover parts for the Datslocos swap meet next weekend.  While I was in the side yard, I decided to throw the roof rack back on.  Here's a couple shots from my drive to the park:






It hasn't left me stuck yet, but the bike is nice to have as a backup!

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Love everything about this, including the bike! Old Skool FTW. I did a sticker design for BMX museum a little while back.



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Love everything about this, including the bike! Old Skool FTW. I did a sticker design for BMX museum a little while back.




I haven't been back on there since I finished building my Haro, but I love the old school stuff.  Nice artwork!

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