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Twisted Images Bagged, Body Dropped, & Rotary Powered 510

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is it because it's already taken or there just being dicks?


They said it was inappropriate slang.  I can appeal it, but I'm not feeling that passionate about it.  Got something else in the works.  I'm not a smoker, so it probably would have just led to awkward conversations anyway.

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Im not a smoker also...but I dont get that license plate...


DYM = dime = 510 

BAGD = bagged = his air ride suspension


so in a sense the plate would say ....  a 510 on air ride.


a "dime bag" is slang from back in the day for a $10 dollar bag of weed.

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You know more of the terms than me for sure- but it's legal up there, so whatever!


I just ordered a new plate- won't say what it is for now to keep from jinxing it!


Header and exhaust hopefully by the end of next week.

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DYM = dime = 510 

BAGD = bagged = his air ride suspension


so in a sense the plate would say ....  a 510 on air ride.


a "dime bag" is slang from back in the day for a $10 dollar bag of weed.


still used

do dealers even sell dime bags of weed anymore .. .come on DMV..... now if u said  8 iron ...... or  2FINGRLID   Or DABS=FABS  I could see but come on


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  • 2 months later...

Please don't. Everyone needs this type of suspense moderately.


You said you wanted suspense, didn't you?   :rofl:


Header and exhaust are built- turned out nice.  Super tempted to half-ass some wiring and fuel supply to hear this thing run, but I've held off so far.  I want that to be my reward for getting the floor and firewall built.


The car is heading up to Oroville next week to have Bob at Grant Kustoms build some beautiful sheetmetal parts and make this look like a whole car again.  I don't know how long he'll take, but I know it'll be worth the wait!

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After test-fitting the body over the frame, we found more areas that needed cutting.  Out came the Sawzall and plasma cutter again.  We added a couple more tabs from the cage to the body just to make sure nothing moved around more than it already had...


As you can see, the rear inner structure under the package tray is pretty much gone.  Most of it was cut out before we to to it, but now the inner wells, shock towers, and floor are all gone.


Up front, the firewall was cut out for the wheels to clear...


Let me take a moment to mention that the wheels you see in these pictures are NOT staying!  Miles keeps these around for mock-up, and since my Hayashis won't fit the 5 lug front end and are too wide to clear out back (-2 offset), these will work for now.


With everything cut out of the way, here's how we finished the first weekend of work:




Yo referring to this photo, your wooden steering wheel that came with your car, idk if anyone told you this, but im pretty damn sure thats a SSS bluebird steering wheel 

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Alright, I'm on a proper computer, so I figured I'd upload some oics for you visual types.


I actually pulled it out of the garage yesterday to do some cleaning- funny how garage square footage can disappear over time...




I was pleasantly surprised to see that after a month of sitting, there was still 148 psi in the air tank- losing 25 psi over a month is definitely acceptable! The battery was still just about full, too- not too surprising, since the only thing connected is the air ride controller.


Here are some pictures of the exhaust system:









The whole system is stainless steel with mandrel bends, and uses V-band clamps to make it removable in three sections.  It also sits just above frame level throughout- even with the front fully lifted and the rear fully dropped, nothing hits the ground but frame.  It's been SOOO tempting to wire up the engine just to hear how nasty it's going to sound, but I can wait.  An unmuffled rotary should be the perfect thing to alienate all of my neighbors!


Finally, here's a picture of the steering wheel.  No SSS emblem on the horn button, but the rest of it looks correct.  Any thoughts as to origin?


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After a quick Google search, it could possibly be part of a "Trans Am appearance package"... I suppose that would make sense. The car didn't have a Trans Am glovebox emblem, but it DID come with the center console.


In any case, I won't be running it. Anyone else need one?

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