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Got a 1200 again


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1 hour ago, datsunfreak said:


FYI, if you go with the twin cam KA24DE, there are much easier wiring options...





Or just get a can/am box.  The wiring is so easy on S13 harness.  I can't imagine spending 500 bucks for a pre made harness.  

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3 hours ago, Icehouse said:



Or just get a can/am box.  The wiring is so easy on S13 harness.  I can't imagine spending 500 bucks for a pre made harness.  



Seriously this.


I actually had a whole untouched harness I was going to use and my personal can/am knockoff. If I hadn't gotten the harness with the JWT ECU for way way less than the ECU itself I wouldn't have bothered.

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On 11/22/2018 at 7:37 AM, datsunfreak said:


I can. It's not 25-30 years old like the S13 harness...  ?



Must be your dry climate.  Our harnesses are still really nice.  The cars are rusted to hell through!!

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9 hours ago, Icehouse said:

Must be your dry climate.  Our harnesses are still really nice.  The cars are rusted to hell through!!


I don't think it's the dry as much as the oppressive summer heat? Any harness from a car that lives outside gets very crunchy after 20+ years. 


My 1200 harness is still decent, but that's spending 30+ years indoors. Every other 1200 harness I've seen here is literally falling apart. It's crazy...


You guys definitely won the "wiring harness and window rubber longevity" lottery, we won the "way less rust" lottery...  ?

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  • 1 year later...

Almost ready for a shakedown run. Just need to get a driveshaft shortened (~1.5 in I think, actual measurements in my build notebook).


Still lots of minor stuff left of course.



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4 hours ago, datsunfreak said:




Lol, a lot of that is the big tires I've got on those rims I used for towing. They had a good offset for the 510 H190 diff in the rear and the tires are still decent so my cheap ass is leaving them on for now. I do kind of like the slanted front look though on the 1200 coupe's, always thought it paired well with the "mini musclecar" styling they can have.


I've got a set of in still in the box Advan A3's rims that will eventually go on this car when I've got it running correctly which will drop it a bit. Although, now that I think about it I really should mock them up and see how their offset looks. Might need to move those to the B210 and find something different or find a different offset pair for the rear.


I do keep flip-flopping back and forth on actually going the other way and raising it up more for driving on the dirt logging rounds. Front has custom coilovers already and I have a set of blocks in a box somewhere around here for the rear. 

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  • 1 year later...

Update: It lives!


Finally got a 510 driveshaft lengthened to fit it and the engine fired up.

Engine runs but is a bit rough, probably a injector issue maybe, haven't torn into it to much aside from timing. Got some minor issues to work through as there is a bit of clutch drag (rear wheels turn in neutral when on jack stands) and a leaking heater core valve. 


Will dig into it and get it tuned in the coming months. Technically it currently is drivable. 

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8 hours ago, datzenmike said:

If it's in neutral with clutch up and engaged, the countershaft is turning all the gears on the mainshaft. That's more likely just transmission oil transferring motion. Put the clutch down in neutral it should stop.


Yeah, that specifically didn't occur to me but makes sense too. I kind of figured it might be something that if sitting on the ground it wouldn't move. It is a bit of a kludge of transmission/engine/clutch etc.. so I was just being safe when testing it initially.

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