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521 wheel / rim offset and width

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Thanks for link Tristan... i think. Hope you are on the mend mate. I was t boned about 15y ago broke my back in 2 places whiplashed hard, but all good now. As for the bent 521 there is always another !

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These are 15x7 Toyota 4x4 wheels with the center cut out, moved the outer wheel in 1" and welded back up, 20+ yrs ago. Tires are15x8x26. No fender rolling required.





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Any opinions on this rim option. http://www.fnwheels.com/store/product/17″-konig-six-shooter/


I know tire size is a factor but my son wants a lower profile tire. The rim is 8” wide but thats inside the flanges so the actual width is 9” total,   ‘0’ offset with 4.5” backspacing. The 521 has 3 inch lowering blocks and front dropped by adjusting torsion bars.

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I had communication with FN Wheels, they explained the backspacing to give an actual dimension from the mounting surface of the rim to the outer edge of the rim. This is to compensate for the extra 1/2” of flange or lip beyond the flange. There 8” wide rims are actually 9” total width. So the outer edge of the rim with 0 offset is 4.5” from the mounting surface.

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